Escape from Paradise City: Strategy/RPG with zombies and gangs

YA!!! More strategy/rpg goodness, and team/influence management to boot (or the option to play as a action RPG if your not a strategy fan), this one as far as I can tell is coming out of the blue! This is turning out to be a good year for my type of gaming goodness! Seems a little like Gangsters meets the supernatural, which for me sounds very intriging, and the features, are screaming for me to pre-order it Not state of the art graphics, but damn if they dont look sweet in context for the type of in depth play this title looks like it will offer. Now I just got to finish The Fall and the Walkthrough before this comes out

Hitting the streets Oct 18th

Any relation to Paradise Cracked? No, prolly not. Hmm, they are not Russian developers are they? For some reason, I am very wary of European Strat/RPG developers.

Ya, i know what you mean. E5 Jagged Union and Paradise Cracked and the demo of Alfa AntiTerror didnt win me over at all! Bleh… However, then you get games like Soldiers of Anarchy, and The Fall that give you hope that they can occasionally gt it right :) They are located in Denmark, most of my qaulms are with russain based developers.

Starring George Clooney it seems.

… And a Mrs Peel wannabe. It looks like the target audience is middle aged fantasists of both genders.

That looks really interesting, if they can pull it off. Is it turn based combat? A quick perusal turned up nothing.

I’d like to get interested in this game but the character popups on that page make it impossible for me to click on anything…?

I’m not having any such problem, Jason. Are you using Firefox? I’m using IE, so it may be the issue is the browser. I also have a blocker, but I’m not getting any messages from it.

Where do you see something about zombies?

I think its realtime, but it doesnt explicitly say. The fact you can also play as a action/rpg as well makes me think relatime though.

No issues with pop ups for me as well…hmm

Any new info on this one? It’s supposed to come out Sept. 24th, according to gogamer (They say it has realtime combat…and a strategic layer to help you run the city as you gain territory). It looks like it has a lot of potential.

I was hoping for a demo, but I think Im getting it regardless at launch :)

That is so Sean Connery, not George Clooney. A buff and young Sean Connery, but still.

This preview at RPGDOT has me further interested.

Played the demo, I really enjoyed it , despite not being as strategic as I was hoping.

The roleplaying aspects were nice with equipment you can buy and sell, stats you can raise and abilities and levels you can earn. The powersets you can earn are also a nice little addition as well.

FYI you only directly control your character, goons you hire or call in for help are not directly controlled. Although you do have the ability to set them to gaurd mode.

I plan on buying it when it comes out…

The graphics look absolutely terrible, like something from 3 years ago. The combat consists of mostly George Clooney shooting a gun and then occasionally hitting a skill that does more damage while floating numbers rise from the combatants, similar to MMORPGs. Furthermore, if you try to make George Clooney attack from farther than 5 feet away with his gun, he runs up to 5 feet and then starts firing. This makes his strategic skill, leg shot, pretty useless since theres no point in slowing someone right next to you. If the battle isn’t going so well against multiple opponents, you can run around the street corner and they won’t follow you.
There seems to be a lot of options for character development. I’ll poke around the demo some more to see if it gets any more deep.

Sound like you just started playing…

You can also dodge when you attack, and whe you level you can raise stats to increase your range. I leveled 2 times, got a minion and upgraded my equipment.

I’ll admit its not one of those games you boot up and instantly love, but it definetly has a charm. You don’t like the graphics? Sure, not state of the art, but I thought they were quite ok for the subject matter.

what does ‘for the subject matter’ even mean? gangsters/zombies/rpgs can’t look good? what?

The initial gun is more of a melee weapon. You need to -earn- guns with longer range. It’s very much an RPG.

I really enjoyed it, and will definitely be picking it up. The skill tree is crazy involved, I might add.

A non standard premise strategy/rpg game is often prone to some retro looking graphics. In this case I thought the game actually looked quite nice.