ET: Quake Wars Beta 2 available

From fileplanet. You can use your previous Beta key, if you were in Beta 1, and they have 25K additional keys available. 1st come, first serve, etc:

Cool, finally got a key this time.

Yeah, I’m in too. Thanks, mono.

Ding! Thanks!

Thanks for the heads-up. IN!

OMFG I got in.

Hooray for demos posing as limited betas!

Is it kosher for me to post a link to a torrent of the installer? 45 minute wait to download = fuck you, Fileplanet.

Damn that is a good map. As an added bonus, you can play this newest beta on a LAN! We just had a great game at lunch.

Looks like you can also set up bots to fight against for Co-op games on a LAN as well…

I’m in as well. Thanks!

Oh shit, this is coming out for the 360 too? Damn, achievements or mouse, achievements or mouse…

This is one game where mouse trumps achievements wholeheartedy. I couldn’t imagine trying to play this game with a controller.

Seems fun, but it’s overrun with idiots who ignore the “press f3 to play” message permanently plastered on the screen.

It’s not bad, but this map is way one-sided. I’ve played it about six times now and the Human side has yet to get past the traffic tunnel part. Four out of six times they don’t even make it past the bridge.

Also, I’m kind of worried about performance on my 7800GTX. Is it upgrade time already?

It’s gonna take folks some time to learn the map. Against even a mediocre Strogg force, GDF is gonna need engies to lay down Anti Air, Anti Infantry and Anti Vehicle deployables near the bridge before any engie will have a chance to construct it.

I’m definitely enjoying some of the gfx and audio enhancements, as well as the much improved vehicle HUD. Game browser finally lets you filter for friends as well.

I’m “Adel” in-game. Anyone else wanna post their names so I can add them to my friend’s list?

This second beta feels a lot better than the first. I still miss the deployable MG42 from Enemy Territory though.

Argh, I didn’t realize closed is incompatible with open and didn’t bother getting a key. Pewp.

That’s a problem here on the public LAN demo here at QuakeCon as well. Every time I sit in on a game, I’ve had to tell everyone around me to hit F3. That message should be plastered in the middle on the screen, or they should have it default auto-ready after 60 seconds. (It’s an adjustable server setting, according to Activision.)

It looks like it no longer supports 3-monitor resolution 3840x1024. That’s a huge shame since when beta 1 came out it worked flawlessly.

Who the hell thought that would be a good idea to remove? Was going to buy it but definitely won’t unless they put the 3-monitor support back in.

It’s adjustable. The downloadable Beta 2 client also comes with a very user friendly server launcher. One of the variables is the % of readied players required before the match start. I imagine you could knock it down to 0% or at the least 1% and do away with the issue once the min number of players have joined.

One of the other nice variables allows disabling complaint filing for players who get blown up by teammate mines or demo charges.

I have to say, I appreciate the ease of piloting the airborne vehicles. In BF2, grabbing the controls was certain suicide for me. It’s dead simple to navigate the QW choppers with the standard WASD layout.

This demo feels pretty weak overall, to me. It’s like they ignored everything that has advanced in team games since the time of the original ET.