Euro 2020 - Match Discussions

The corner has a little semi-circle thing. The ball was on the left of that zone not on the goal line.

I didn’t think you could be offside direct from a corner regardless of where you’re standing, but I can’t keep up with the rule changes any more.

To continue talking to myself, it may not have been offside. It may have been because he started off the pitch and then re-entered the field and was the first person to touch the ball.

Thanks for playing Turkey.

This kills „The Turkey“

What were the Turkish players trying to signal on the Immobile goal? Hand ball? Offsides? Coach, can I please come off the pitch, this is no longer fun?

That for a guy named Immobile he moves pretty quick! It’s deceptive advertising!

I don’t know you can say Italy has scored three times for the first time at the Euros.

It’s technically 2 for Italy, 1 for Turkey (own goal)!

That pass from the Keeper… Turkey scored one and assisted one for Italy.

Also, Chiesa finally. My favourite Italian player not named Chiellini.

Turkey for most of the match have been very good about getting back into their shape with four-across wide and the midfielders covering the gaps. Italy had a heck of a time getting crosses through, or turning crosses in towards the goal.

3-0 up in the 93rd minute and Chiellini is like “I don’t think so.”

And to think I was reading articles on why Turkey was a legit dark horse this tournament.

Incredibly glad that those ridiculous handball rules have been changed for this tournament. I get that they were trying to make things easier for the referee, but combined with VAR, it was getting ridiculous. Sometimes, I think attackers were more interested at shooting at the hands of their opponents than at goal.

Really good call.

Ask my Football Manager team whenever I set the short instruction. Dumbass always passes it right back to the corner taker, who has just crossed the end line.

My first time in the USA when important football is being played. Where can I find it?

They are on the ABC/ESPN family of networks.

The story of the tournament so far : don’t be the team in red.

Swiss are going to really regret shanking so many great opportunities.

The crowd are so far from the pitch to protect them from Seferovic’s finishing.

Nice header, good goal

They’ll be partying in the street of Cwmystwyth tonight.