Everspace 2 announcement trailer

I’ve been watching some alpha gameplay. It looks like a game I could spend hundreds of hours on.

Yeah, I liked Everspace a lot, but this is much more the kind of thing I love. It seems to be keeping the things Everspace did well (combat, flight, spacefeel*) and putting it onto a framework I’m much more interested in.

*it’s like mouthfeel, except in space.

FYI, you can still get the prototype demo from Steam. It’s a year old, I think, and not representative of the alpha, let alone final release, but you can still get some sense of what the game will be like.

It is so damned nice to be able to just fly around and look at wherever you want, take your time poking into every little nook searching for goodies without any sort of time pressure. And it is obvious to me that the devs are going out of their way to reward exploration.

Open RPG!? Man, that’s really interesting. I loved the first game, got to the end a few times (but never sealed the deal, iirc). Super fun game, great as a rogue-lite, but I agree this being more a single player RPG with a stronger story is going to be a lot of fun.

Ooh thanks, downloading now!

Let me know what you think. I’ve already spent over an hour just poking around a couple of locations. Found my first red (rare) item right at the end after chasing down a loot drone 😂

Well I played only a few minutes. I can’t seem to invert the pitch / y-axis, which means I can’t remotely fly the thing. The options are there in the menu but don’t work. Anyway, I fumbled around crashing into things and managed to destroy a couple of drones, then flew around the system and traveled to another location with a trading post and got a mission of sorts. It reminds me of Everspace, but built on a different structure. Flying around between planets reminded me of Rebel Galaxy somewhat. The combat, despite being inverted, seems improved, and it still looks great. So yeah, put me down for a copy, as long as they fix the inverted controls. :)

Much the same here :) Brian pointed out there was a prototype, I downloaded, couldn’t invert the controls, spasmed about, uninstalled!

If it’s the one from Steam, you can invert the controls. First thing I did.

Myself and the crocodile chap beg to differ! I assume it was Steam I was looking at.

Let me rephrase then. I was able to invert, using an Xbox gamepad. What inputs were you guys using?


Ah, OK. That’s your first problem…

Just tested now, and no it doesn’t invert for me either with M+K. But honestly I don’t see how it could given the UI. You’re moving the aiming reticle, not your ship, so it would just be nonsensical inverted.

I didn’t play this long enough to find out, but in the first one there were many options for that kind of thing. I actually played in VR.

You don’t need to describe my preferences as nonsensical, even on the internet.

I tried with my 360 pad as well as m&kb, neither would invert. I’m with Alistair, m&kb works perfectly fine here. That’s how I played the original, I just find it more precise than the gamepad.

The control interface is completely bizarre and various things work or don’t at times for reasons I can’t decipher. I had inverted m&k y-axis, but couldn’t tell you how. I was actually thinking of resetting them later and making a new profile on my g13 using most of the default controls. But I know all that is probably long fixed. I’m not worried about them getting that stuff right.

One thing I absolutely loved is that it let me use one of my mouse buttons (which is set to ‘]’) as a modifier key. When I have that key pressed, wasd control roll and z-axis hover.

Maybe they are trying to invert the left and right directions?

Yeah it’s confusing as hell, but the pitch control is currently assigned to Y-axis mouse, and I can rebind it to that, with a little box underneath that says “invert”. However, if you click on Mouse & Keyboard in the menu one level above that, there’s another box there for inverting controls. I thought that might cancel out the other one or something, but I’ve tried each obvious combination and it makes no difference. Unless you have to launch a new game between each change, which would be silly. Same story with the controller but no dice either. Anyway, I’m totally sold on it anyway so I’d probably just rather wait until it’s finished, but what I played upside down was good. :)

I definitely got it to work. And yeah, pre-alpha or not, I love it. Just wished I had realized when they did the KS.

Played a bit more of this, got my brain around the inversion a bit more, had a blast. According to the dev on the Steam forums, the mouse inversion is broken in the menu (also the sensitivity) in the demo build, but it’ll all be fixed in the EA release in December. My brain gives up the ghost when I get into intense combat, always going up instead of down, but fortunately the second craft has a decent missile supply. Now I really want to play this. It reminds me of a cross between Everspace and Rebel Galaxy. I’d say it’s more the kind of thing I was hoping Rebel Galaxy Outlaw was going to be like.