Everspace 2

Looking good. Early access 2020.

I don’t care much for FTL-like structure in games but this promises a sprawling open world with some real RPG elements. Definitely something to keep an eye on.

Was that a planet surface? Interesting. ES1 I liked but it didnt quite have the hook.

I would be interested to see how close to “realistic” the scale of the universe is compared to solar systems IRL. Some of the moons in that trailer appear too close to the planets, and the planets appear to be very small too. Everspace 1 levels felt much “bigger” compared to most sims, unlike this trailer.

This video is a good example showing the scale of (at least one) star system. Not sure I like being able to see all the planets plus the sun at the same time.

“It’s so absurd how many things are falling together in a really positive way right now,” Schade says, shaking his head. "We sometimes sit and wonder if there’s anything we’re missing. You know our history. We had some troubles, some challenges. We lost the studio twice and had to start all over, and now it’s like ‘don’t screw up, don’t screw up, don’t screw up.’ Is there anything that we’re missing?

"I watched our teaser trailer 50 times at home – again and again and again and again – to see where is there room for improvement. Then I realised I was just enjoying watching our trailer for three hours straight. And then I played the game again, and it’s good. It’s just generally good.

“I think it’s the first time in my business life that I’m not concerned at all, in terms of our fans liking what we’re doing right now. I could be wrong, but man, if we’re wrong about this, I don’t know what else to do.”

What they’re missing is that space sims are not popular. They should make games in a different genre.

Not sure if that’s true. It’s a niche, sure – but the endless money poured into Star Citizen suggests it’s a good one to be in.

I’m disappointed to see no cockpit screenshots. A space game without a good cockpit view is one I’m a lot less interested in. Same as a flight sim without a cockpit view.

SC has whales since the beginning. Whales may be the missing factor required to make big budget space sims viable again. (Not to denigrate the whales who have been more than generous and don’t get enough appreciation. In a better world SC would be done for years already.)

Kickstarter up…

Yeah I actually thought much the same.

I’ll know what I think about this when @BrianRubin tells me. :)

Looking good… but VR still not confirmed. Supposed to go into EA at the end of year.

I would love to try the original in VR or any game just to see if I like it. Maybe I’ll buy an Oculus quest and return it if I don’t enjoy the VR experience.

Oooh oooh, will it let me spend real money to buy ships that they haven’t developed yet?

I’m just now catching on to the fact that this game is ditching the roguelike structure for a more traditional rpg format. Now I’m wildly interested. Everspace is a game I enjoyed watching video of more than playing, but this— where I can spend hours poking around shipwrecks searching for hidden caches or mining asteroid fields—is much more my style.

I hope they change the modules too. IIRC in the first game you had like three or four modules, but only one of them could be active at a given time, and you had to rapidly press a key to manually switch between them. My attention span can’t handle that.

Other people seemed to like this, however, so it may not be worth it for the dev to fiddle around and make changes.

Yep. In case you missed it in the Xbox thread, here’s the portion of the trailer cued up for Everspace 2 from their indie showcase videos:

I’ve been watching some alpha gameplay. It looks like a game I could spend hundreds of hours on.

FYI, you can still get the prototype demo from Steam. It’s a year old, I think, and not representative of the alpha, let alone final release, but you can still get some sense of what the game will be like.

It is so damned nice to be able to just fly around and look at wherever you want, take your time poking into every little nook searching for goodies without any sort of time pressure. And it is obvious to me that the devs are going out of their way to reward exploration.