Everyone at Tech TV has been laid off

Thats what I just heard. Haven’t seen it mentioned anywhere yet. Really sucks that no one was spared. I rather liked Xplay and The Screen Savers

/edit: hmm I see over Leoville that people were given 60 days noticed but i heard that they were closing up shop this weekend. Maybe its just some of the people let go today, others were given 60 days?

Anyone seen Matt Keil? Someone check the local drinking establishments.

I guess playboy will have to rename their spread to - “unemployed chicks who really aren’t that hot now that they aren’t on TV.”

But can you blame comcast for shutting down the san fran based network and moving it all to LA where there studios are? I think that makes some sense, and i think adam and patrick were the only decent people left, so why not shake it up.

Did they fire the puppets? Did they fire the puppets?!?!?!


By puppets I assume you mean Thunderbirds and not Leo’s hair piece. ;) I haven’t see the Thunderbirds in awhile. (thank goodness)

I though that both Adam & morgan were worth keeping. Plus i liked most of TSS cast, though Patrick will be the only one I’ll miss.

Hopefully the next 60 days will see Matt doing everything on the show he’s always wanted, but was afraid to try, and we’ll get some of the most hilarious X-Play segments yet.

Well its being said that this notice is not necessarily an indication that no one will be coming back, and that the number of people who will be rehired at G4 couple still be unknown.

I’m not really surprised by this, as it seems to be standard practice for companies that contract its employees.

But I think a lot of people are being reactionary because it is the first sign of change regarding TTV.


How is it that G4 became the dominant station? Were they more successful than TTV or do they have a parent company? This merger is really just a buy out of TTV, isn’t it? It just seems like it should have happened the other way around. I don’t even get G4 on directtv, so maybe my opinion of the relative strengths of the networks is a bit biased.

Comcast created G4. I imagine they wanted to keep their own property the dominant entity.

I agree, that TTV should have been the dominant network. As far as I can tell, its going to be called “G4” and gaming is going to feature the dominance, with technology being secondary.

As it is though, absolutely nothing has been said. I imagine the 100 or so jobs that are still up for people to get are the host jobs for the shows that are still going to be there.

Its just a real shame because a lot of the shows on TTV have absolutely nothing to do with gaming (TechLive, Nerd Nation, etc.). I have trouble seeing those make it through the merger.

Still no idea what’s going to happen on the backend (website, forums, chat, etc.).

It seems more like, they already have studios in LA, so why keep the studios in san fran? Consolidate the shows and share their current studios with the techtv people.

I love on line petitions:

“Comcast should not have the right to do this…”

Is that a real petition title, Chet? I love how people always scream about “rights” when something happens that they don’t like. What a nifty definition of rights…



I love trolling online petitions, can you pick mine on the page? Too bad these fans aren’t reading the petition, the Futurama petition was great fun to troll.

And no, my post is not my second favorite on the page.

“Higher this man!”

This one is pretty good as well:

"I like Chris Pirillo and everyone at TechTv and being a COMCAST subscriber i am mad about the changes that are about to happen. In my state COMCAST is like MIRCOSOFT they want to control EVERYTHING. TechTv has helped me and alot of people acrossed this counrty, I want the FREEDOM after paying so much money to COMCAST and MIRCOSOFT to enjoy my life after a hard days work. Thats why there is OPEN-SOURCE for computing why not for TV. Think about it COMCAST, "


Has there ever been an online petition on one of those dedicated petition sites that has actually accomplished something?

Forget the amazon.coms of the world, someone in the business journalism world needs to do a story on the guys who created those petition sites, because they have the perfect money-making scheme: create a website who’s only product is the false sense of “doing something” Joe Public gets by signing an electronic petition someone else created.

No. I started an online petition on that very subject once, but as it predicted, it went nowhere. I think Chet signed it though before it got purged.

Well, if all else fails, Matt can go work at Best Buy …

… or maybe not.

Reminds me of a joke on the Daily Show some time back. Jon was talking about an online “sit-in” people were having in support of online voting. He says something like “So join the on-line sit in people, it’s the least you could do. Seriously. It is literally the least you could do without doing nothing.”