Everything in this 1991 Radio Shack ad can be done on a smartphone:


Radar detector?

We trully live in the future now.

I propose a new word, since the word “future” is obsolete. “Megafuture”, to describe potential inventions that will change the world, and that will be invented and popularized before we die. We can describe these inventions as “megafuture” invents.


“I just have bought this solar 3D printer that can print food, itsa Megafuture technology!, we are now on the megafuture!”.

I prefer uberfuture because it means that when I’m not too lazy to remember the ALT-code for them I’d get to use umlauts a lot more often.

I’m sure there’s an app for that™. It just won’t work lol.

In theory, a GPS app could at the very least serve the same general function, by charting speeding ticket stops by location and time to determine trends and see where likely speed traps are, and when they’re typically manned.

It’s more than a theory: https://www.waze.com/

This would be a nice app and it wouldn’t bother me at all to use it since most speedtraps have little to do with promoting safety. They are revenue generators. The info would have to be crowdsourced though and probably vetted somehow to make it useful.

I am pretty sure we have some apps that do exactly that over here.

I have found this:

I don’t really know what I am talking about.

I think he’s being overgenerous with counting a couple of those - like, the iPhone may also allow you to talk to people while in your truck, but it isn’t a CB radio and as far as I know isn’t able to allow you to perform that function. Similarly, it may allow you to play music, but it isn’t a radio. (And it isn’t in-ear headphones either, although you’ll probably have a pair with your iPhone.) Still pretty amazing what today’s phones can do.

Actually there are apps (on Android atl east; I assume iOS too) to listen to most radio stations across the country. Police scanners, too. Possibly CB? Probably not, though.

Listening to a radio stream is not the same thing as receiving radio, although the content may be similar these days. (When I last bothered with internet radio it was all random people streaming whatever they felt like but I guess now actual radio stations have gotten in on it? I would still assume there’s stuff on the radio you’re not going to get online, and vice versa.)

Really? Sheesh, even my Nokia dumbphone (I also have smartphones ^^) has a radio. Of course, when they switch analogue radio off here…

Many, many radio stations stream their broadcast online. Download Tunein Radio for ios or android and let it show you all the local FM/AM radio stations it can stream. Then go searching for another city/country.

Similarly, it may allow you to play music, but it isn’t a radio.

It isn’t? My smartphone has an FM radio, as has every smarpthone I’ve ever owned. But I’ve never owned an iPhone, so maybe they just don’t have them.

Indeed - all my phones the last 6 years have been able to recieve local radio, using the headphones as antenna.

I think the “radio in a phone” thing may be a European kind of thing. I’m not sure many phones here in the U.S. do that.

Yeah. It’s being phased out of the high-end handsets, and obviously the cheap-o ones don’t want the extra expense. The International Galaxy S3 had it, but US version didn’t. None of the S4s have it, IIRC. Nexus 5, either.

It was definitely a consistent, regular thing for awhile, though. A lot of the old Droid models, for instance, supported it.

Pretty sure my original Evo 4G also had fm radio with headphones plugged in.