Evil Genius 2. Eviler. Geniuser.

Thanks everyone for the help :)

I’m a little confused how I’d hide a door with a wall?
When you say locked door. Is that just a normal door with level 3 assigned to it, or a different kind of door? In your trap corridor, why do you have so many doors, instead of just leaving them out?

Hide the door from line of sight with a wall. I haven’t experimented with that but I read about it.

Err I could be confusing doors, I think in this evil genius the level of the door doesn’t matter. You can experiment.

Doors are so you group up the enemies, so they can all get hit at once. It also makes them waste time.

Ahhh excellent. Yes, I was just getting one stray lol

Awesome, so those tips worked well! I love watching the enemies going through the traps. So much fun :)

I have to say, after being sick, and my body being messed up, this game was so perfect for me. Not frantic or hard, but fun and good entertainment.

Huge 2 Gig patch for the game. Lots of QoL improvements.

After Bridge Constructor, Evil Genius is next in line to get the Portal treatment.