Excellent classic JRPG on Steam NOW, $16.99


Thought this was pretty good:

The Curse of Kiseki

Still haven’t played the first one, but I definitely want to get into this series. Got Trails of Cold Steel pre-ordered.


So. Found this thread. The aforementioned game was 10 dollars on sale during the winter jambaroo.

Pretty great game so far. Had a ridiculous time getting the game to run correctly, which was very annoying, but once I ironed out the issues, it was great.

So, if you have issues with the game crashing after

“my name is…”

it is because whatever codecs you have installed on your PC don’t jive with the bullshit technical decision not to include codecs with the game or run the cutscene in engine. Open the launcher, turn off intro cutscene, and play. Watch the cutscene on youtube.

Are there other cutscenes in the game that will crash me later? I am about 2 hours in.


Looking through the game files (GOG version), there are two .avis total - the logo you see while loading the game, and the “ed6_op” opening video which I suppose caused your crash (you could check if that’s the one by playing it). So you should be safe.

Also, I’m about halfway through and I don’t remember any other pre-rendered cutscenes.


There is another pre-rendered cutscene in the end, during credits, IIRC.


I restarted the game 2 weeks ago. 23 hrs in, early chapter 1 (I just got Olivier!). This time I’m using a guide to aim for 100% bracer points. Already missed out on a trophy or two because I didn’t buy the cheaper weapons in the prologue. I wonder how people can finish this game within 40 hours…


So, for lack of anywhere better-named to talk about Legend of Heroes and Trails games:

I’ve gotten really into this over the last month or two. I played Trails in the Sky all the way through again on PC (I had played it on PSP in 2011 and been frustrated at the cliffhanger), which took me about 35 hours (to get as close to 100% as you can on a single play through, on hard mode, already knowing most of what I was doing). Then I played SC, which clocked in around 60-65 hours and which I picked as my game of the year in the other thread. Then my wife got me Trails of Cold Steel (the first “Sen” game, as [B]HRose[/B] mentioned) for Christmas, because she hates my time and she enjoys watching me play through these games on the giant screen (thanks Steam Streaming, by the way). Cold Steel is a bit different, as it takes a bunch of elements pretty much directly from the Persona series: high school setting, built around regular events from a school schedule, emphasis on social interactions with “bonding” activities (even if nowhere near the Persona level of depth), there’s an old schoolhouse that mysteriously re-arranges itself into a different dungeon level for you every month. So there’s definitely been a nod towards “this other idea was commercially successful, let’s try to mix some of it in”.

That said, Cold Steel is still a really good game. The writing remains better-than-JRPG-average, even if it’s short of where Trails in the Sky was. My biggest complaint is that there are a bunch more Japan-standard tropes (aka what turns me off most JRPGs), or maybe they’re just more obvious/annoying here. But I still like the combat and character building, most of the characters are still pretty fun, and it continues to pose and hint at a lot of interesting questions about both the characters in this game and the overall situation in Zemuria. I’m through three chapters, which appears to be about halfway, and I’m probably going to blow through the rest of the game by the end of the weekend.

(No idea re: potential decrease in writing quality in the second Sen game, as I’m coming at this strictly through the English-available games.)


There’s a sale going on GOG right now: http://www.gog.com/promo/special_promo_trails_in_the_sky_110316


The thread title led me to believe this was a Steam exclusive. Why would I want to buy it from a third-party?


The next game in the series, Excellent Classic JRPG 3 has been confirmed for a 2017 Steam release.


Not only is its name generic, its qt3 nickname is generic. Sigh.

Has the following Let’s Play been mentioned here before? It’s based on the PSP release, but it’s an essential info source for me, who plays this game in fits and spurts:


no Steam DRM. Only downside is the lack of any beta builds.

What Are the Quintessential Elements of a JRPG?

Note to self: make sarcasm more blatant.


Part 3 coming on May 3rd!

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This thread title really is the worst.

Trails of Cold Steel is also coming to PC this summer with 5,000 additional voiced lines and ToCS 2 has been announced for PC at a later date.


Woooooooo, I didn’t know that! Awesome news!


Yeah, great news for sure. Just need to make sure I get through Persona by then…


Look at that price though. It’s only relevant to this thread when the price is precisely $16.99.

Also, it’s not on Steam NOW, so it fails in that regard too.


Not sure if anyone is playing this, but I just finished Chapter 4.

The big differences between this and the earlier games is it’s a lot more combat focused, and that combat assumes you understand the system well by now, so it will kick your ass if you’re not ready.

There’s plenty of great dialogue if you’re familiar with the characters by now as well. I doubt I’ll replay this, as I never replay RPG’s, but I’m enjoying the hell out of the ride.


nice! i like ToCS (on Vita) alot despite every attempt of this game to genericize the Trails world with the Fightin’ High Schoolers element every other JRPG/anime seems to have. Now what I need is a TitS reboot using this games combat system :P


the next Cold steel game is going to have two characters from this trilogy added in. That might help.

Might play it on Steam in 5 years if I have the means.