Expeditions aka SpinTires 4 aka MudRunner 3 aka SnowRunner 2

I am unreasonably excited about this:

I’m definitely in. Will be interesting to see how much they shake up the formula.

Watching this trailer I pined for realistically modelled wildlife populations and the ability to roll down your window and take photos.

Looks great regardless.

They need to add fishing.

Splendid thread title. Those guys should take a hint from Matt.

I’m sure this would be a fun and exciting game and all, but I’m disappointed it seems to be moving ever further away from the Sorcerer game I wanted all along. Just give me Euro Truck Sim in an environment that hates me, that’s all I ask for.

More videogames need to tap into their 70s cinema roots.

This might be my favorite thread title ever.

Can we get a “Sorceror” mission pack?


Mudrunner and Spintires felt pretty Truck vs the World to me. Maybe the world is too hostile to be relaxing as ETS?

Just learned about this today, very excited!

Revisiting the limited information on this game now that I’ve been playing Snowrunner again has me intrigued. Several of us in that thread wish that there was more building up and improving of at least the main roads in Snowrunner, as it’s a little silly that you do all this work and weeks later the roads are largely still shit. But, they seem to be sidestepping this entirely in Expeditions by focusing on exploring pretty much totally wild environs. The trailer shows a few dirt roads around your base, but otherwise it looks like it’s entirely off-road stuff. With that, there seems to be more of an emphasis on scout-type gameplay and a lot less hauling stuff around in trucks. Not that they don’t still seemingly have the need to get heavy equipment to some place to do some thing, I just don’t get the impression you’ll be loading up trailers to make deliveries much.

Interested to see if the bits about building up your base and hiring experts amounts to much.

I am hoping it’s exactly how you describe it: More scouting and less deliveries. Which isn’t to say I dislike deliveries. I just already have that game, it’s called Snowrunner. I could use more scouting in my virtual life.

Yeah, I don’t get the impression there’ll be much if any infrastructure development. Which is a shame, but it may still be fun.

This looks right up my alley. So excited. Exactly what I’m looking for in a Snowrunner game.

Release date reveal: March 5, 2024

How much exploration is there in the earlier games? I haven’t played the series, but this looks like a lot of fun. I am not that interested in logistics, but I am in exploration.

There is quite a bit of it in Sownrunner. Some of the missions are explicitly about scouting an area, and there are always radio towers to find that reveal the maps and missions on them. Many of the missions are only discoverable by driving around and finding them. Often the maps are blocked by a logistics challenge though: a bridge will need a load of logs and steel beams to repair it or something. But you could absolutely play by doing the minimum logistics requirements and just exploring the map.

And the game lets you go to the different regions whenever you want. Most people try to play through most of Michigan before moving onto Alaska and then Russia but the game lets you start out in those regions any time you want. So yeah, you could absolutely explore and then just move on. Get a good deal on the DLC and that’s a whole lot of maps to explore.