Extraordinary: sardonically silly comedy where everyone's a superhero, except for one woman

Yep, had fun with the show!

First scene of the first episode does a great job of setting the tone and expectations for the show.

This is amazeballs funny. My wife & I binged 4 episodes. Hilarious.

I’m so glad you recommended this & @Cormac concurred.

Great awesome show!

This was excellent. I almost didn’t give it a try as soon as I saw ‘superpower’ in the description, given my wife can’t stand the idea generally, but we both loved it. No holds barred, ideas pushed to places Marvel can’t ever go, without being gratuitous, and without losing the human angle. That last episode was heartbreaking and beautifully staged.

More than anything else, though, despite being a bonkers world of superpowers, it somehow captured youth / twenty-something angst better than anything else I’ve seen lately. Trying to find out who you are, wildly individual preferences on display, but no one cares, but everyone’s accepting, but how do you fit…?

Season 2 is up now. Slightly spoilery review:

alrighty. Will add both seasons to our rotation.

Thanks to this thread, I’ve heard of the show now. So I’ll give it a watch. Thank you.

I saw the first episode thanks to this thread, and couldn’t help but watch the next two episodes too. I like the music choices, and there are usually a few chuckle-out-loud lines or situations in each episode. Thanks for the recommendation!

Hey that’s great. My daughter and I loved the first season, and she’s coming home for a break from Uni for a month.

Ooh, Rich Hall cameo.

I’m up to early Season 2 now, and there’s almost too many great songs in this show.

Here are the needle drops. Needles dropped?