Eye of Judgment ... Lighting?

I’m having major issues with this game recognizing my cards. My table is directly under a ceiling fan/light combo (fan is off and above the lights anyway) it has 2 60 watt bulbs in it. The problem happens mostly around the edges of the board but some cards are a real PITA to get recognized anywhere on the board.

These are the starter deck cards and initial booster pack. It seems to work better (but not much) when NOT online…going online seems to make the thing scan more aggresivly or something (card copying cheaters maybe?)

Any tips for lighting, bulb types/wattage etc appreciated. From table top to Light Shade it’s exactly 4 feet distance. My fan/light combo says not to go over 60 watts in each bulb. (i’ve also tried with the shade off the bulbs…same issue.


glare… glare glare glare… glare kills!
I figured this one out my holding my hand up to partially block some light from my overhead ceiling fan, and then it reads the card, but then I have to continually do this over and over again, as the Eye rechecks to make sure the card is there there.

The best way it to reconfigure the camera again in such a way so that it does read those hard to read cards. I found the most difficulty with water and wood cards around the edges. No problems really at all with any other type of card.

So far, the best configuration of the camera I’ve found to work for me, is the lighting source (above and ) BEHIND the camera. And then setting the configuration to dark and blue settings.

Oh… and careful that there aren’t any windows around where you’re playing. I nearly was forced to forfeit a match yesterday when all of a sudden the sun decided to start beaming through a window right on my board.

I’m going to try some kind of desk lamp with a dimmer switch thingy for the outlet. After researching, I’ve found many have had success with that combo.

Tune the light with the dimmer till the eye stops complaining.

I also had to do the hand over the lamp shade thing. Cost me a few online games when the damn timer would time out on me coz the damn card Wouldn’t re-read itself.


I’m really surprised at how much fun I am having with this game though… woo.

The desk lamp on adjustable arm thing is working great. I bought a bulb dimmer thing for the bulb socket but don’t seem to need to adjust it. I had 1 or 2 times i had to wave my hand past the bulb to get a card to read, but this setup is much, much better.

Add me to your PS3, my ID is Zep–, if ya see me online send a message and I’ll play. (if i can figure out the custom game invite stuff)