Face of Mankind

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A friend recently brought it to my attention.

I downloaded the client from GamersHell (was told the FilePlanet one contains malware). The install file is 2GB.
Just installed it and it made a shortcut for the game and one for a tutorial movie - so I ran the tutorial (it was divided to parts in YT, the file you get from install is a solid high quality 619MB wmv).

Let me just say that any MMO that doesn’t have this kind of tutorial suck. This should be the standard for orientation of new and old players to your MMO. It was very informative and explained the basics quite well. It only lacked on providing some actual gameplay (read: action/fighting/PvP) explanation and/or tips.

From the tutorial the game seemed to be quite fun in its abstract design with an interesting premise (as well as meta-games such as hacking and crafting) and I liked their supposed interpretation for social responsibility and moral values (or rather, punishment for lack there of). It’d also stem from between the lines that the true end game, whereas one simply and truly has nothing more left to do in the game and reached a status of high power, would be to essentially run a suicide (it’ll result your character’s permanent death/deletion should you be killed) fun-ride of one or more participants to rampage across the game for as long as possible killing as many as possible before you’re brought down.
It’s also entirely player driven, or so it claims to be, so political intrigue and faction war/espionage is likely to occur.

Going to go register an accout now (I’m told it’s freeplay with a premium account option which adds a few goodies) and get a feel of the actual gameplay, then report back.
If it is indeed good, it may be a very cool place for Qt3 to hang out together and blast all opposition (I’d suggest a department, game’s term for clan/guild, within the police faction - because then we can abuse the law! XD).

Minimum System Requirements:

  • PC with Windows XP/Vista/7
  • 2.0 GHz processor
  • 1 GB RAM
  • DirectX 9 compatible VGA card with pixel shader 2.0 support and 128 MB video RAM
  • Minimum graphical resolution of 1024x768 pixels
  • DirectX 9.0c
  • DirectX compatible sound card
  • 5 GB of free harddisk space

Note: Before installing, please make sure that you have DirectX 9.0c already installed.

The character creator is a major disappointment in this day and age. Very limited options. Can’t even colour your outfits.
Every login you’re made to wait 5 seconds infront of a huge “GET PREMIUM ACCOUNT = XYZ FEATURES” negging advert, but that’s understandable.
The NYC Training Grounds world-server is recommended for new players as the description reads it’s also a safe zone with weapon use forbidden, regardless of political situation (so no lvl500 coming raping you out of no where, I guess).
Hold control down to use the mouse to click on windows/things. Otherwise you’re in movement mode.

I was totally sucked onto this game.

Which means I’m more preoccupied over there patrolling the beat (terrific police roleplayers over there) and thus you are spared of my shenanigan posts here.

What is it about and what differs from other MMOs?