I haven’t really played any train tycoon games! Just a little bit of A-Train, which I should get back to. I laid down some track and put down a couple of stations and set the train to automatic and it just said “no path” over and over. I picked it back up and haven’t gone back to troubleshoot because I thought better of the route I had laid, but I’m going to have to figure it out because blue science is going to force my factory to sprawl over about four times the landmass it currently occupies, and belts just aren’t going to cut it.

Stations have direction and if you mismatch those it’ll do that. Also make sure your engine is facing the right direction as well. Start out with a unidirectional loop to get things figured out and expand from there.

Yeah, that’s the most unintuitive thing: your engines only go forwards when driving themselves. So you need either an engine at each end of the train or some sort of loop in the track (usually just a small loop at each end).

I think I did mismatch station direction. It’s a little annoying that even on a single track the direction of a station is tied to the physical side, so you can’t just “rotate” them and place them where you like, but what can you do. I did end up getting one running on its own, albeit filled with way more coal than I expected based on the filters I set in the cargo car. Still learning.

Every time I see a bunch of posts in this thread I keep hoping it’s because news of the expansion has dropped lol :)

I wonder what an expansion is going to do that all the mods didn’t do?

Good question, but I’d hope it makes things easy for us non-modders who just want moar.

I told you last time it won’t be out until fall at least. :-)

That’s a perfectly fair thing to do and even good. But man, if you ever finish the game and want to do another run, just know factorio has one of the best modding scenes in gaming lol. This mod basically just adds functionally to trains for megabases and expansions and makes them work almost like bots

I didn’t use trains at all in my first full campaign, which was basically following along with Nilaus’s video series. Not planning to play again for a while but would definitely like to try a massive, train-assisted setup with the DLC now that I have some templates to work with.

After I launch a rocket I’ll probably take a break, but I’m already planning on giving Nullius a try.

I will likewise be steering clear of circuit networks, I think. The train I am setting up will run a simple loop from oil patch to iron patch to copper patch to coal, and it will service a sub-factory I have decided to build for the sole purpose of making blue science to bring back to the original. I am not yet sure what silliness I will have to get up to for space science…

Every time this thread bumps, it makes me think of this and smile.

@DarrenO IIRC he took one of the jobs offered? How are things going for your son?

He’s doing very well thanks! Graduated on the Dean’s list. Working in Toronto at a company writing software that programs FPGA’s which seems very on point. And in his spare time he’s the lead developer for the Terrafirmacraft TNG Minecraft mod, so keeping plenty busy.

I have not even actually set up the manufacture of the blue science yet, just gathered the raw materials , but the factory can officially no longer fit on one screen or anything close to it:

The water in that shot was making me think they should have:

Another mod to try!

Haha, wow. Maybe for my Industrial Revolution 3 playthrough…

Still plugging away. I have blue science being made but not yet actually being delivered to my labs. I’ve spent the last few hours(!) watching the production and adjusting the train schedule and this and that to try and even it out and get rid of bottlenecks. Currently laying down tracks to have another train deliver the actual science to the labs (and perhaps do some other things). The blue science area actually seems rather small to me, although it’s a substantial fraction of the size of the red+green factory…maybe even equal to it. Dreading yellow and purple science a little!

Edit: Ok, blue science is all the way done. here is a screenshot of the production area:

lol, I might just set up a whole new factory right here:

Do it! Leave the old one to churn out blue science.

You didn’t have oil on your old one?

You can then set up the next science stage in your current place, or ships all the minerals back to your old base, or vice versa.

There is oil at the Extra Tasty Crispy Blue Science Factory (you can’t do BS [lol] without oil can you? It requires sulfur and plastic.), which is a decent hike north of the Original Recipe Factory (there are map pics and such further up the thread). I really just want to get nuclear power up and running before the coal patch powering the ORF runs out. There is more coal, of course, but it’s surrounded by bugs and would be a pain in the ass to pipe in. I guess I could try replacing it with solid fuel for a while from the northern oil.

Of course the bug problems around this proposed third factory site are considerably worse than all the others I’ve dealt with thus far. That big blob right on top of the unlabeled stone patch in particular is giving me nightmares. At least now that I have blue science I can research tanks…