Failing Trump administration. Sad!



Watching the GOP just become what they used to rail against is soul crushing.


Clovis …


And sadly not because he’s criminally unqualified for the post.


Or because he’s made of jello, which I was certain would disqualify him.


There’s always room for



That’s a pretty amazing cover. I hope there’s serious reporting in there.

One thing that bugs me about the focus on Russia (though it deserves it) is that it has obscured the question of Trump’s potential emoluments-clause violations, etc.


I think it’s just that the ~40% that support him just don’t seem to give a fuck about it. Certainly no one with a R in front of their name in congress does.

I’ll try bringing it up with my family at Thanksgiving this year. I’ll probably just get a shrug and a statement that he’s just being a smart businessman.


In the same way that the Mafia is full of smart businessmen?


From the article

But according to the presidential historian Robert Dallek, no American leader has acted with more unadulterated self-interest as Trump.

Ugh. Newsweek ought to proofread its cover stories better.


Is your issue with “more unadulterated”, like the Spinal Tap guys remarking how much more black their album cover could be? (“None. None more black.”) If unadulterated is used with the meaning of “complete and absolute”, yeah, I can guess I see what you mean, though it didn’t trigger my gram-radar. Is there anything else wrong with that passage?


Should be ‘than Trump.’


Great. First the Russians, now the Daleks.


Pruitt has also built himself a $25,000 soundproof booth in his office, for reasons that remain unclear.

I’m guessing it’s to block out the sound of actual EPA employees screaming.





Well played.



A (very) long article about the state of the USDA under Trump.



That was long but worth reading. That Michael Lewis guy (Moneyball, The Big Short) is a good writer! He made the case that federal government is sprawling but does worthwhile, even necessary work.