Failing Trump administration. Sad!



Ice! How does it work?


Pretty sure we’ve had articles about this before, but this one is newish. The State Department continues to be stripped of experience. That’s going to have an effect long after Trump is out of office, because you’re not going to just re-hire all those experienced people and resume operations as normal.


These four potential Interior employees seem like they are troublemakers — wanting to amputate parts of National Parks — so Durbin is telling them to cool their heels before they are confirmed. Zinke doesn’t like that, but it’s not like he doesn’t have many other vacancies to nominate people.


so what is the answer, how much heat is absorbed? Anyone?


hmm - the text elements didn’t copy. The chart covers ~1970 - 2011. Red is atmosphere, tan is land, darker blue is ice-melt, light blue is oceans. The 2011 value is somewhat above 250 zettajoules.


well I am not an expert on Oceans … but this looks reasonable, and I am sure I will remember
Also it makes sense, if you want to heat water, that is easy because the molecules can be excited very easy, if you want to heat something solid, it takes longer and more energy to excite the molecular structure …


I get such a science thrill out of the fact that it takes 1 joule to heat 1 cubic centimetre of water, which weighs 1 gram, by 1 degree C.


Actually the amount of energy required to heat a gram of liquid water and water ice is different, but not the way you suspect. In fact it takes roughly twice the energy to heat liquid water 1 degree. It has one of the highest specific heat indices of any substance.

So high specific heat, on a substance that comprises the majority of the earths surface, and systems that naturally direct more heat into better absorbing substances to keep surface temperatures relatively even?

Yeah, water is gonna absorb most of that.


Rachel Maddow had a big segment on this last night, and has been raising a red flag about this issue since January. Obama via Clinton and Kerry used the state department to good effect as a diplomatic tool to stymie and thwart Putin throughout his administration.

The guy in charge of the State Department now is Rex Tillerson, perhaps Putin’s best friend in the US. Putin, after all, pinned the Russian Order of Friendship medal on Tillerson personally. To this day, we have no idea why Trump picked Tillerson. Like Manafort, there is no evidence that Trump knew these people beforehand.

It reeks to high hell, and it’s terrifying.


Your gonna make Dana Rohrabacher jealous.


I see it more as a Corporation vs Government power struggle. Rex wants corporations to have more power domestically and internationally, than governments. He has the role where he can limit and obstruct one government’s diplomatic power and influence, so that’s his mission.


On the plus side, I hear UNESCO is hiring for security on Liberty Island.


Nice gaming allusion (lost on the younger crowd, perhaps).


Not so nice considering he got the name wrong.


Pretty nice considering I got Zylon to sniff some farts in the process.


Yeah, I guess it was UNATCO, which I assume stood for United Nations Anti Terrorism and Crime Organization?


What the hell is UNESCO then, and why did my brain pull that up?


Cultural organization. Thoroughly corrupt, mostly harmless.


…Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, to be exact.