Failing Trump administration. Sad!


One of the many good comments:
“Little more evil, Ms. Linton. There you go.”


Pretty sure that’s his wife.


Well played, Timex.


Not mine, just from someone on twitter





Is there a more punchable face on Earth than Mnuchin’s? That smug little half-grin he has plastered across his mug all the time?


There are a bunch of trump supporters with more punchable faces.


Wow, Mnuchin really is a sexy John Oliver…

I mean…what…?


What really burns my britches is when Mnuchin’s name shows up in front of many very good films. This guy is the Producer on much of what you likely enjoy.


Oh man, I love a lot of those movies. Fuck.


I wouldn’t worry so much. Executive producer can just mean ‘gave us money.’


I don’t think that it makes much sense to judge art based upon it’s creator.


It can absolutely influence my desire to reward that art with money, though.


Sure, although I don’t always make my purchases bad on some moral judgement.

Certainly if the art itself involved Mario’s things, that’s one thing… But if the folks involved were just shitty people?

I mean, take Mel Gibson. The guy is a loon. But he’s been in some awesome movies.


When the Weinstein effect has run its course, Mel Gibson may be the least toxic person left standing in Hollywood.


The Mnuchins aren’t great at optics are they


I think we can be 99% certain that he has a pic of her from the Ft. Knox trip with her in her birthday suit on top of the stacks of gold.


…I wonder if she’s wearing gloves so she doesn’t have to touch him…


Otherwise, she’d inadvertently drain him of all lifeforce and leave him but a dry husk.


Darker than I was intending but…