Failing Trump administration. Sad!


I’m not sure I agree (IANAL). Even if they are going to follow dad to work for the Man in Washington, then why not in the DoJ where he will be. Folding them into the Executive branch, and especially working directly on behalf of the one man who named dad to the job seems like either an opportunity for leverage, or at least conflict of interest? What happens if the AG is forced to bring legal action against the White House?


There’s almost no legal job that doesn’t have risk of conflict of interest against the Attorney General of the United States. To the extent the president is special, the attorney general is already dealing with going after his literal boss, if he is investigating/prosecuting the president. I don’t think having his family somewhere in that organization is adding all that much complexity to the case. In contrast, him being directly their boss at DoJ is more of an issue.


Which, to be frank, is his job. Not attorney for the President, but rather, the attorney for the people of the United States.

It’s not a job to make friends or further a political career, it’s a job to protect the people, all of us, of the United States.

We’ve had a lot of change recently but that point needs to be driven home. This isn’t a position of a lackey who protects the President. It is MUCH more important than that.


Well, there are all kinds of conflicts of interest. ‘Target of investigation chooses his investigator, then daughter and son-in-law of investigator join legal team of target’ seems kinda different, at least to this layman.


Trump sure sounds like a hell of a boss.


It’s a little thing in the big scheme of things, but one thing I will never forgive millions of Americans for is stroking this guy’s ego by electing him. What a prick.


+1 He is absolutely the worst humanity has to offer. And people willingly voted for this fraud.


Have we ever had a President as petty as Trump? From The Atlantic article"

After we agreed on a time to meet, the president began to talk about how upset he was that Comey had flown home on his government plane from Los Angeles—Comey had been giving a speech there when he learned he was fired. The president wanted to know how that had happened.

I told him that bureau lawyers had assured me there was no legal issue with Comey coming home on the plane. I decided that he should do so. The existing threat assessment indicated he was still at risk, so he needed a protection detail. Since the members of the protection detail would all be coming home, it made sense to bring everybody back on the same plane they had used to fly out there. It was coming back anyway. The president flew off the handle: That’s not right! I don’t approve of that! That’s wrong! He reiterated his point five or seven times.

You have an employee and you fire him on a business trip, and then you want him to pay his own way home.


I have no doubt that if he had dictatorial powers he would be jailing people and executing a few of them.


I recall him explaining for his supporters, perhaps at one of the rallies, why Hillary wasn’t under arrest. He mentioned some things about rules of evidence and such.

Reading between the lines, my impression was that he had asked someone about why she wasn’t arrested and he was just relaying the reasons.

I wish I could recall where and when that happened but, alas, no links.


More than vast majority of articles out there McCabes article, capture the essence just how strange and unimaginably awful Trump is. The boss from hell for sure.


I don’t think he views them as employees, citizens or even humans; he sees them as adversaries. That’s exactly how he teaches his base to see everyone else too, and they gobble it up like they’ve been starving.


Has someone posted this epic fail by Pence to get anything but deafening silence around the 23-4 second mark? It’s brutal. But GOOD that the maximum politeness this shitshow of an Administration can elicit is the lack of active booing. That ought to tell them something:


House Oversight Committee will subpoena former WH Chief Of Staff John Kelly over the security clearance order regarding Jared Kushner. They also want any related memoranda.


This makes me so happy. Just seeing somebody
who’s in a position to take action and actually gives a shit makes my day. Even if it’s just adding to the list of ongoing investigations for now.

My family doesn’t believe in stuff like abuse of power or corruption delegitimizing the actions of a sitting, un-impeached president, especially when “a president is lawfully allowed to give top secret clearance to whomever he wants. So as long as he’s there, either let him do his job or impeach him already.”


It’s gonna be interesting to see how Kelly handles himself now that he’s not actually working for Trump.

He played the role of a good soldier for Trump, but I don’t think he likes or respects Trump at all. On some level, I can’t imagine how he could. Kelly is a marine… and that makes him essentially the opposite of everything Trump is. I think that he, like Mathis, must have an utter lack of respect for Trump as a man.

The way that Trump fired him is really just icing on that shit cake.


I think people like Kelly will find it hard to sustain the ‘they were adults in the room who moderated Trump’ narrative as more and more things are revealed.

The military builds people who follow orders and respect hierarchy. If you could depend on them to temper the excesses of their superiors, there would be no war crimes.


Well yeah because if you’re in the adult in the room, you’re the one taking responsibility. That’s not going to be fun if things happened that shouldn’t have and now you can’t even blame the POTUS for it since you took that responsibility away.


Gerry’s my congressman!


Famous memos of the past:

Date: 16 September 1939
From: Kliment Voroshilov, Marshall of the Soviet Union
To: File
Subject: Invasion of Poland

Today Comrade Stalin ordered me to invade Poland in collaboration with the German fascist counterrevolutionaries and enemies of the People. As the politically reliable adult in the room, I advised Father Stalin against this order, but he would not be dissuaded. Reluctantly I agreed; what else can I do but write this memo for the record in the hopes that future generations will observe the manner in which I stood up for the Revolution and defended the Rodina as the vanguard of its world-historical significance?