Fall 2019 TV shows (returning and new)

The 9-1-1 spin off looks like it might be good as does Lincoln (Bone Collector) book that was a movie and now a tv show.

Only thing that really stands out to me is Stumptown.

Thursday, Sept. 26
9 p.m. “The Good Place” (NBC)
Thursday, Oct. 10
8 p.m. “Supernatural” (The CW)

Is really all I care about at this point. Orville isn’t back until late 2020.

The Good Place is the only network show I plan to watch next season.

Succession and The Good Place are the only ongoing TV that we’re following for now. But the backlog is serious.

I’ve done a pretty good job clearing my backlog so far this summer. Finished The Americans, Good Omens, Barry season 1 (that’s all that’s available to me right now), Killing Eve, Deadwood season 1, Bob’s Burgers, Tuca & Bertie, Final Space, three seasons of People Just Do Nothing and a few other things I forget. I’m actually running out of new stuff to watch, which is very unusual. I think I might rewatch Darkplace.

No opinion on the show itself, but Stumptown is just about the dumbest name for a show I’ve ever seen. I mean “My Mother Is A Car” level bad.



TIME SLOT : Mondays at 8:30/7:30c


WHO : Billy Gardell ( Mike & Molly ), Folake Olowofoyeku ( Transparent ), Christine Ebersole ( Madam Secretary ), Matt Jones ( Mom ), Maribeth Monroe ( The Good Place, Workaholics ), Shola Adewusi, Barry Shabaka Henley, Travis Wolfe, Jr.

WHAT : After having a heart attack, a middle-aged sock businessman from Detroit unexpectedly falls for his cardiac nurse, a Nigerian immigrant, and sets his sights on getting her to give him a chance.


Sometimes I don’t even know why I bother checking these lists for something to watch. It would probably be smarter to just wait until the dust settles sometime in October and just see what people like.

Note that I just picked one of these shows, more or less at random. They mostly all look bad. Of course sometimes you get to be surprised vs. the description and end up loving something.

But that’s on CBS and has a laughtrack so I seriously doubt it. :D

I AM glad though that they’re putting interracial romance on TV so at least it can piss off some racists. Actually it’s on CBS so it’ll piss off some… (checks notes) … OLD racists.

That has canceled after 3 episodes written all over it.

I could not find a single show that interests me on the list of new shows coming this Fall. I know that Amazon, Netflix and some of the cable networks have some stuff coming I’m interested in, so I guess I just won’t be watching much network TV. Business as usual.

It’s a nickname for Portland, Oregon. The comic is pretty cool.

Geeze. I’m excited about…


…and that’s it.

Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist might be fun, but it might be so cutesy it’s terrible. I may check it out.

I was thinking I might give Indebted a chance because I think Abby Elliott is hilarious, but then I saw Fran Drescher is in it and she’s gonna have to tone it down from 11 for me to stand that.

Meanwhile, Fox’s new animated series all seem to owe a debt to the same show:

  • Bless the Harts sounded better when it was called King of the Hill and wasn’t as sterotyping in nature.
  • Duncanville sounded better when it was about Bobby Hill.
  • The Great North sounded better when it was called King of the Hill, but this one has a daughter instead of a son and they’re poor country Alaskans instead of poor country Texans so there’s that.

And hey, Katy Keene! FINALLY a Greg Berlanti show I can not watch!

Mixed-ish: “Hey, Black-ish and The Goldbergs are both still hits for us at ABC! Let’s make a mash-up!”

Kenan Thompson will be on two new shows and he isn’t leaving SNL? Wow.

NeXt sounds like it might be interesting, but it’s one of those shows I’ll binge after the first season if it doesn’t get cancelled, which is exactly what makes shows get cancelled.

Any good comedy TV shows coming up? Still looking for new stuff to watch.

Nope. :)

Here is the overall fall premier calendar.

I noticed on that schedule that on the same night that South Park premieres (Sept 25th), Crank Yankers is coming back. I never liked the show originally, but I might give that a chance this time.

Out of curiosity (I’ve never heard of this show), what changed to make you decide to give a show you don’t like another chance?

The show is basically Jimmy Kimmel and his friends making crank phone calls to fire departments, health clinics, various other places. And the show has puppets that act out those phone calls on either end. The puppets were always really poorly done, and often times didn’t match what the obvious tenor of the call was.

But I could give it another chance and try not to pay attention to the puppets. The audio of the actual prank phone calls was usually pretty funny IIRC. It was just hard to pay attention because of the poor puppets.

Lots of new stuff starting this week. Set up your DVRs.

The only one I caught so far is The Good Place is coming back on Thursday.

The new CBS drama “Evil” has Aasif Mandvi, so I hope that turns out good. It seems like he hasn’t been in much that was successful since the Daily show, one of the rare Daily Show alums where that’s the case.

Also looking forward to that, as Michael Emerson is in it. (Lost/Person of Interest)