Fall TV 2021

Looking forward to:

911 (Season 5)
Ordinary Joe
Blood and Treasure (Season 2)
The Rookie (Season 4)

Ordinary Joe and La Brea could be interesting.

I loved the original 4400, I guess I’ll keep an eye out for that one.

I’m looking forward to Survivor.
From that Calendar: Amazing Race is listed as a mid-season replacement? Woohoo!
Ken Burns is doing a 4 part Muhammad Ali documentary on PBS? Sign me up!
The Great North is coming back next Sunday? Woohoo!
On streaming services, Foundation finally starts next Friday according to that calendar. Woohoo! Finally!
And Hawkeye on Disney+ in November looks quite good.

I did a double take on a new CSI show: CSI: Vegas. What the heck? The original CSI show that went on forever was set in Vegas. So they’re kind of bringing back the original, but with a new cast?


Woah, they also bringing back 4 of the original cast, including the main guy!

Ordinary Joe looks like they couldn’t decide what kind of show to make, so they’re just making them all. That, or a bad imitation of the Pretender.

Oh and lets not forget this upcoming gem:


I know the world was pinning for another NCIS show, because there hasn’t been enough stories of NCIS, saving the country from spies, traitors and terrorist over the 20 years.

Still, I’ll give any show filmed in Hawaii, a look. NCIS: Hawaii pilot entirely predictable, but with enough difference to make it watchable. A female lead, a lesbian tryst, and local boy return home to Hawaii. The Hawaii, culture and language was surprisingly accurate.

You laugh, but I really liked Terra Nova and was bummed when it got cancelled. This could be similar.

Not sure I’m up for subscribing to Peacock though (and not willing to watch ads anymore, with the free version).

Well being a sucker and having already been kind of interested in the Peacock Dan Brown Da Vinci Code show I ended up subscribing. Episode 1 was pretty good.

I’ve largely avoided doing the subscribe and unsubscribe services model, but I think there’s just too many services now, so I cancelled my Hulu subscription, which as far as I can recall there’s nothing currently on there I’ve had particular interest in watching, and picked up Peacock instead.

Me too! I really enjoyed that show. All it had to do to be a succes was to ditch the kids!

I hope they make improvements. I just didn’t find it as good as Bob’s Burgers. Which, to me, is a high bar, so I am still willing to watch it.

For me, Bob’s Burgers was good, but never great. The Great North can just consistently make me laugh. So they’re doing something that Bob’s Burgers is not. For me.

For a second I thought you guys were talking about Colin Farrell whaling drama replacing Bobs Burgers and thought that was quite contrast.

I’d forgotten Great North even existed… ;)

American Rust has been pretty good, only 2 episodes so far.

Also 911 season 5 has been alright, I’d call it consistent.

Was that the one I saw advertised during the football game? Jeff Daniels and Maria Tierney on Showtime, I think?

Yep in PA , rust belt town hooked on drugs.

Anyone watching any of the other new shows?

American Rust has been a solid slow burn show, I like it.

Anyone watching that psycho Joe and his women problems in YOU?
Just finished binging season 3, utter trashy pulp, but very watchable…

D’oh! I forgot all about them. I forgot to program the Plex DVR.

Oh well, too late now. I’ll wait for the season to show up next year on whatever streaming service and wait for word-of-mouth on which one(s) is(are) good.

I’ve enjoyed American Rust, but that the only new show I’ve seen.

I heard La Brea is horrible. Like worse than THE DOME was. :D

I appreciated this list of 2021 shows that I should be catching up on this Fall (instead of watching new shows).