Fall TV 2022 and Winter, and some Spring 2023 also!

I want Night Court to be good, also Quantum Leap, plz ok thx.

Wow, NBC is making surprising progress on that yellow slice - just gotta fine tune by about a decade.


Never mind Fall, I feel Summer 2022 is pretty jam packed!

There are so many shows that I’m interested in currently dropping, that I’ve really struggled to keep up with all of them (I guess its a pandemic backlog?).

Bosch Legacy & Flight Attendant, Derry Girls just finished.
Star Trek SNW, Orville, Boys, Stranger Things, Obi Wan are in Progress.
Just saw that the new Borgen show dropped on Netflix, so looking forwards to diving into that.
With Only murders in the building, Ms Marvel… etc also just around the corner.

Fun times!

3 Vampire shows. Surprising.

Anyone else watching the Rookie spinoff Feds?

I am not feeling it yet, and the casting of the Fbi team doesn’t seem that great.

Alaska Daily has been pretty good. They apparently pay Hillary Swank to exercise every episode. :D

Not sure we need a winter thread, we can just keep going with this highly popular thread. :)

Was SAS Rogue Heroes any good?

Haven’t watched it yet, but it got picked up for a 2nd season.

Hmm, I’m pretty interested in the subject, but I don’t really want to add another streaming service. On the other hand $6/month isn’t really much to pay if it’s a quality show.

So far 5 episodes in with 1 to go and I am liking it, sorta getting me hyped up for COH 3.

First season was great, looking forward to a second!