Fallout 3?

Anyone heard/seen anything more on this? Is it totally on the back burner until Bethesda gets Oblivion out the door?



If only I really were Lord Ebonstone, as some people have speculated. Then I could post in this thread and get gently touched again.

What’s your take on Baldur’s Gate II? :P

Man, I still can’t believe Ebonstone said BG2 was worse than BG1. Did he just draw his opinions out of a hat?

Who is this Ebonstone and why does he blaspheme so?!

Is Fallout 3 on the cards?

Answer both your questions here.

No, development continues from what we hear but I imagine that resources needed for Fallout 3 are being used to finish Oblivion and that may delay it from 2007 till 2008

Oblivion has been finished for some time, content-wise. They’re just polishing it up and trying to get it to run acceptably on a xbox360 without a hard drive. As for fallout3, there’s absolutely no news whatsoever.

Funny you should mention Fallout 3 considering the recent controversy at The Codex.


Couple Quotes:

MrSmileyFaceDude wrote:
“it’s still not Bethesda’s fault.” [that Troika was unable to get the license and went under]

Human Shield’s Response:
“It is Bethesda’s fault if we get a non-faithful sequel.”

Saying it’s worse than BG1 I can understand (though I disagree); saying it’s worse than any Ultima ever made is something else. God knows I have a fond spot in my heart for Ultima II, but Baldur’s Gate II it ain’t, by any sort of objective measurement* that filters out nostalgia. Not that Ebby Baby is old enough to have been nostalgic about early Ultimas anyway, as far as I can tell.

*ok bad term for preference of videogames. Substitute “judgment.”

I’m all for elitism-- please, I’d say in all modesty that I’m a far superior elitist than well over twelve billion other elitists in competition for the throne of cool, and my attitude, complexion, skin tone, singing voice, neatly circumcised penis, smart smile and full head of hair handily beats those few remaining in line-- but wow, rpgcodex is far too elitist for me. Who do those guys think they are?

The Codex makes me laugh.


Go hang out at NMA (No Mutants Allowed - Fallout website) and you’ll see that the elitists run the asylum when it comes to Fallout. Unless you are a hardcore advocate of all Fallout games following the turn-based, isometric formula of the first two (even though they came out 8 years ago) then you are not worthy of their time.

While NMA is hardcore with Fallout, I think The Codex is king of the Elite Ultra Hardcore cRPG crowd. It may be off-putting at first, but some threads are very informative and many devs still post there. Although I admit I have not seen something like the content in that thread in a long while.

Thanks stusser for the sig material

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Well, I got banned for telling the elitists at NMA that Troika sucked ass. I wonder if the same thing will happen at RPG Codex.