Fallout 4


All the other fallout games do this much better than fallout 4.
As far as non-fallout games that do this really well, I can’t think of any, hence my disappointment with Fallout 4. It is the one game that should do this, yet didn’t.


There’s definitely not many entries in the “huge open world RPG” category like Fallout 4 and Skyrim. The only recent examples I can think of are Kingdom Come: Deliverance and maybe Horizon: Zero Dawn, if the latter was an RPG, which I’m not sure about.

I did appreciate what you’re saying about Fallout 4 though. Not only was it this huge world filled with stuff, it was all stuff you could scrounge for and scavenge and use in various recipes. Whether it was different foods you could use to cook up different concoctions, or screws from various objects in the world you could use to build various things. Fallout 4 was themed completely around being a post-apocalyptic world you were rebuilding. So you were taking old and discarded things all over the world and using it to rebuild the world, and I really appreciated that. It also helped that it was a great shooter. All the various weapons were fun to use and VATS was a great system to give you some help.

I never played any of the quests in the main quest line though, so I can’t comment on that.


While some of your comments ring true, this one does not. Bethesda has always been about dynamic environments that invite you, the player, to create the story around it. The addition of radiant objectives also was a step in that direction. It’s the very fact that we have required quests that are linear (story) that rankles a lot of the players. We enjoy that dynamic environment. You stumble upon a mini story of someone that left loot somewhere and you follow along, seeing that they were murdered for it, etc.

Real examples:
The story in the Bowling alley in Far Harbor
The Vault Tech rep you meet in the beginning
The Giddyup Buttercup inventor
What was going on at Dunwich Borers
The Cheers Bar

I mean, a lot of them aren’t quests, but they are small peppered stories all around the game. And I love that. It makes things seem so much more inviting/scary/sad when you get engrossed in them. Sure, log entries are kind of a cheesy mechanic to relay some of these, but … how else would you do it? It’s hard to convey some background information in a totally graphical game. It’s even harder when it is a post-apocalypse where the majority of other characters are out to kill you. Who is going to sit you down to tell you a story? Fallout 1 and 2 had the advantage of a text based story playing out with on screen movements/characters/battles. I’m still quite impressed with what is in Fallout 4, despite agreeing with your point about the main quests.


There’s a Cheers bar in Fallout 4? How the hell did I miss that?


Location spoiler http://fallout.wikia.com/wiki/Prost_bar


Thanks, just checked it out!


Heh - I thought the same thing. Immediately looked it up and went to visit. Pretty impressive, really.

And no indication it was there unless you’re really exploring every nook.


I’d love to hear other examples. I’ve only scratched the surface of the game. There have to be a lot of those.

I forget the name of the family seeking eternal life. That was a strange one as well.


This is the youtube channel that you will want to use. Oxhorn does some really cool and comprehensive lore/history videos for Fallout 4 and a bunch of other games too.


Vic, you rock. Thanks for the link, I’ll be checking these out tomorrow.


np. Just be careful of the spoilers!


I played 180+/- hours of Fallout 4. I did think the reveal in the institution was done really poorly, but Fallout games are more about the getting there than the ending itself. I recently re-played Fallout 1 and it’s not like that game has a great ending either. Better, but not great.


I hate crows in real life and it gave me some satisfaction to shoot them in the game. Now I have justification to shoot crows in Fallout 4 other than the pleasure of seeing the red stain they leave.

Disclaimer: I don’t shoot crows in real life even if they sit in trees and shit all over my car and laugh at me while doing it.


Similarly I have tried hunting in real life when I was younger, it didn’t take with me for whatever reason. But I love hunting in Skyrim. I’ve even downloaded a mod or two around hunting as a form of making money in the game.

Fallout 4 also has little things like that I really enjoy, namely building the neighborhood up or your home, or your weapons/armor, etc.


I found myself shooting seagulls in the game, just for the hell of it.


I have definitely found a new pastime. I was up on the roof of Publik Occurrences when I went into stealth mode with a silenced sniper rifle and started shooting every bird I saw. It was actually fun and I got a good laugh out of it as well.


I’m trying to figure out where my “main base” will be in this game. First playthrough I built up Sanctuary like everyone but I want a new place for all my companions to hang out. I was thinking Red Rocket but the cute family farm way to the south is nice too. I don’t have the airport yet but that’s a great compact space.

Also, slight spoiler alert I guess but…

In my initial playthrough I took all of the settlements for the Minutemen including Hangman’s Alley. But this playthrough I’m slowing down the Minutemen recapture and playing a bit more of the Railroad storyline. They now want me to take Hangman’s Alley as a safehouse.

Question:. If I progress a bit more in the Minuteman storyline will it ever conflicting tell me to take Hangman’s Alley now? I didn’t know Settlements were up for grabs by different factions, interesting! I’m wondering if I can improve the safehouse just like a Minuteman settlement.


I vaguely recall being able to capture the farm near the Sanctuary for BOS (by bribing the settlers) but I had no idea RR also had this option, very interesting indeed. Especially since Hangman’s Alley was my ‘main’ base on my last run, and if I’m going to side with RR this time I’m definitely going to capture it for them.


Yes I recall bribing/convincing a settlement for BOS too. But I sided with them in the end last game.

Apropos of nothing, but isn’t your forum pic Ivan from Jagged Alliance? Looks so familiar.


Yeah that’s Ivan Dolvich’s picture from Jagged Alliance 2 :).