Far Cry 6 - Giancarlo Esposito and guns, guns, guns

Boneheaded enemies. Literally.

That’s interesting as I was reading this article earlier, and they say that AP rounds will drop unhelmeted / unarmoured enemies if you hit them in the head (but sponge otherwise).

Far Cry 6 adds a new ammo feature. It’s a bit annoying. Just stick to using armor piercing rounds. You can craft and equip these via any workbench you find out in the world. If you go for headshots, armored rounds will drop helmet-wearing soldiers as well as unarmored baddies too. The only problem is if you don’t hit someone in the head or shoot something not wearing armor (like a dog), as it can take many more AP rounds to kill them. Does this make any logical sense? Not really, but here we are. So always keep a gun with standard or soft target rounds. We suggest an assault rifle or SMG, something that can take care of groups of dogs and soldiers in a few seconds.

My standard loadout:

1: LMG with explosive rounds. For vehicles.
2: Scoped silenced AR with AP rounds for head popping
3: Combat shotgun with buckshot, for close-range, animals, etc. Silenced also.
4: Who cares, sidearms are garbage in this game

When I need to kill a tank I switch in the fireworks resolver weapon. The explosive LMG is way too slow for that.

I haven’t seen any particular use for rocket-launchers (resolver is better on tanks, LMG is better on every other vehicle), sniper rifles (AR kills in 1 headshot also and a 5x scope is fine), SMGs (shotgun is better for close-range), or bows (EMP arrows are good for helicopters if you want to steal them, but I never do).

Also no use for incendiaries or poison. Why bother setting fires or enemies against one another when you can just pop their heads?

Oh, and here’s a ProTip: explosive rounds can many times open locked doors.

Far Cry 5 did a much better job with your antagonists. Each area’s villain had a backstory, a reason for being there, and through the (deservedly hated) kidnappings, the player had a chance to engage with them directly multiple times.

Compare that to the villains in FC6. Castillo has no clue who the fuck you are until the end of the game. The area villains, can anyone name them? Joseph Seed, Faith, Jacob Seed. In FC6… there’s the cowardly uncle, the PR woman Marissa something? That’s all I got.

To balance this, FC6 has vastly superior allies. The crusty old bastards, the young turks, the farm collective, the trans rapper couple, they were more memorable than the allies in FC5. It’s been a couple years but the only one I can remember there is the black preacher who kept a gun in his bible.

This was a huge weakness for me. I know Far Cry is all about running around, hitting map markers, just blowing and shooting shit up and to heck with the story, but the fact that the main baddie didn’t even know who I was for most of the game was so dumb.

You do hear some broadcasts or radio chatter mentioning “Dani,” I think, along with of course Clara. But I could be mis-remembering here. But yeah, other than Anton himself, who is actually I think rather interesting, the rest are cardboard cutout caricatures of stereotypical Latin American junta types. Ghost Recon: Wildlands did better with Latin American bad guys I think, though I agree the allies in this game are memorable and well done.

As for weapons, I haven’t warmed to the fireworks launcher. I use the AT-4 guided thing usually, or if close one of the RPGs or the auto grenade launcher usually. I disagree about sniper rifles. An SVD or .50 with a long scope can clear out many places with no alarms. Can you do it with an AR? Sure; one of my favorite loadouts includes a single shot or burst fire AR for this reason. But I find the sniper rifle more useful for real long range stuff.

SMGs? Yeah, I struggle to find a real use for them. I tend to use one for the hell of it sometimes, but really, totally unnecessary.

ARs have no problem sniping everything in the game, have vastly larger magazines, and can fire much faster. All you’re giving up is 6x-10x scopes, which aren’t necessary.

I find the scopes marginally better for long-range sniping, but I get your point. Out of sheer laziness I’ve started ignoring the sniper rifle and using the AR almost all the time as well.

And I do have to chuckle at the side quests, which are often more entertaining than the main ones. The set of missions to get a particularly fowl amigo are a hoot, and the Legends in the eastern province are such spot-on caricatures of Fidel, Che, and every other 1960s era Latin American revolutionary that you can’t help but be amused. Especially hilarious I think is the poet with a thousand children…



Madre de Dios! Es El Pollo Diablo!

Chicharrón’s intro quests are hilarious, but he’s a sucky companion. The crocodile is a better straight-up brawler because he can revive himself and the cat is a better stealth killer. But really the only correct choice is the dog because he tags bad guys for you.

I read that as tbags bad guys for you.

That’s because you have a filthy mind. Y’all need Jesus.

I don’t quite get playing with tagging enemies. I have all that shit disabled. Integrated wallhack? What a stupid concept.

I don’t use any of those animals. Dumb gimmicks.

This has the worst map I can remember. Not Yara, the thing you get on pressing M. For mouse use anyway. Stupid zoom levels, stupid scrolling.

Dumb gimmicks…Boomer baby…he lives forever.

It is annoying to be sure. The game world is great, the map, not so much.

I love that angry cock, but you are dead on right about Guapo’s self-revive. Set it, and forget it!

OK, so you know how you get sent pictures for some missions? How the hell do you bring those back up if you miss them because, say, you’re busy flying a helicopter or wing-suiting through a canyon or really anything you need to pay attention to?

Switch tracked missions then back again.

or press B (keyboard) IIRC.