Far Cry 6 - Giancarlo Esposito and guns, guns, guns

Right, I was just double checking because I’m prone to thinking of Far Cry 2 as the “first” one since it’s been more or less the blueprint for everything since.

They came up with that frame in FC3 and it’s been the same ever since. This needs to be changed, man. There are lots of other possible justifications to clear/take over camps and kill bad guys.

Maybe they’re Templars.

At the very least they could turn it around. You’re working for a giant megacorporation trying to do business with the democratically elected El Presidente, and assist him in his fight against the rebels, but it isn’t black and white, the Presidente is basically a good guy but his government is full of corruption, and you make alliances with both sides to clean up the island to make it a good place to do business. Then at the end you can choose between the country becoming a client-state for Monsanto with a much higher standard of living or throwing off the yokes of foreign influence to celebrate their culture as an independent state and going it on their own.

It doesn’t need to be high art, just don’t do the exact same fucking thing for 4 games in a row.

I’m in of course, as I love FC games, but that image seems calculated to piss off everyone with its generic vaguely Asian or southern hemisphere aesthetic and pseudo-Asian/Mayan lettering. Plus two people who are clearly “not white” but who don’t have any particular ethnic identity. I appreciate why this is so, but it seems so deliberately unspecific that it actually becomes more irritating…

Spoiler for that cover image:

The son has the same eyebrow scar as Vaas from Far Cry 3.

I would buy this more than once, especially if it included a strategic island builder as part of it.

Wow, some people around here are going to be pretty upset if Esposito actually looks like himself in the game. Lazy devs! ;)

It’s cool - he’s going to look like Keanu :)

Haha yes! :D

If I play this, do I need to finish Breaking Bad?

Secretly, the best mechanics Ubisoft has ever introduced? But not for the reasons they think. . .

I know you’re mostly joking, but it’s obviously not a question of the individuals. It’s the marketing/presentation of it, the optics. Ubi has always tried to give the flavor of something more or less exotic in these games, without being too specific (like what happened with Ghost Recon: Wildlands and Bolivia). Trouble is, when you do that, you end up at the “exoticising” end of the Orientalism spectrum all too often.

Minor things, to me, in this context. I just like to shoot stuff and level up my hunting and crafting skills!

Are you talking about where it says “Far Cry” in Chinese under the English (well, I assume that’s what it says. According to Google Translate it is “Polar Howling,” which would be a better title in so many ways.)?

That lettering is from the leaked Hong Kong PSN site.

That’s fine, I’m just confused on the “pseudo-Asian/Mayan” comment as there isn’t a lot of lettering visible on the posted image to me.

Yeah, that’s the thing I was noting. Admittedly, it may well not look weird on a larger image, but just looking at it it seemed so stylized that it appeared (to me at least) to be trying not to be anything in particular.

Polar Howling! That is such an inspired translation of “far cry”. Way to go, Google translate!