Farscape: Peacekeeper Wars - First promo photos

Photos from the set of the upcoming mini-series due to air this fall wrapping up the plotlines from the series.

Well frell me dead… not until fall. Bah! Not fast enough! Looking good though.

Very nice timing, since I saw the end of season 4 on Saturday.
Sweet. D’Argo’s not in any of the pictures, though, I hope Anthony Simcoe returned.

Very excited!

Just going back through season 3 now… Should be ready when this comes on!

But the most important question… will we get an appearance from Zhaan?


From the second batch of photo’s - damn, I missed these guys!

Oh, good :)
Are Chiana’s eyes looking normal to you guys? I think they are, but since I have hopes to the contrary, I can’t be sure.

That Hinerian in the second batch of photos looks very un-Rygel like…

Well, if we’re getting one from bloody Stark…

I’ve always liked Stark more than I think I will.
Given how annoying he is, that’s rather surprising.

I seem to catch episodes always out of order. I know Stark is the dude with the half-metal head, but who IS he?

He was a captive of Scorpius’ when Chricton was first caught by him. IIRC, he’s a Bannik-slave (or a priest of the same), and was connected mentally to his people, who were all (I may not tell the truth in that, it was a lot of them, anyway) killed as hostage.
And he always comes back.

And still semi-corporial I assume.

And I think he has a light-bulb for a right eye, or something like that.

Actually he’s an energy being in corporeal form, so that left half of his face is still in his energy form. It’s loosey goosey in a way that Star Trek isn’t, but in Farscape that works.

I wonder why they didn’t bring back the blue skinned woman.

That I can tell, although I don’t have too much background. I read that she couldn’t go on playing Zhaan because her make up actually made her sick.

It somehow affected her kidneys, apparently they were even bleeding. Not nice. So we will never see her in Farscape again. :( Although they only made her die. As if this ever had been a reason to drop out of Farscape. :D

If you direly want to see her again, watch Mad Max 2. She’s the warrior woman.

edit: BTW, the promo photos look so promising! They tease me. I’m anxiously wondering how to get to see the Peacekeeper Wars as fast as possible when its out. US television is a little bit out of my range. :?

I’ve been looking everywhere, and can’t find any seasons after 2 in box sets, are they ever gonna get them to the box set or am i missing them?

People dying hasn’t stopped them in Farscape yet :) but yeah I think Zhaan is gone for good.

— Alan

Virginia Hey did make a guest appearence in the fourth season vitual reality game episode “John Quixote” and Stark heard her voice calling to him in the third season episode “The Choice” so she’s not completely out of the picture, just not readily available due to her sickness due to the makeup.

There’s no other type of makeup?