Farthest Frontier - City builder from Grim Dawn developer

I only tried this when it first came out in EA; I’m sure it’s much more evolved now. I found the UI really hard to use and read, but if they improved that I might take a look at it again. IIRC it didn’t seem all that complicated to follow along even at that early stage.

OK, thanks. Found some good stuff on Youtube if I need it.

Had to start a new game after putting my town center in a forest in my first game. I waited too long to start building housing and couldn’t clear enough trees to build them before Winter came. Most of my settlers froze to death. Lesson learned.

0.9.0 is up now

Do we know the setting for FF? When I read about relics I wondered how on earth they could excavate ruins to find relics, since I assumed this was sort of a pre-settlement North American continent game. I was thinking “what are these relics… indian tribe relics?”

But then I thought I didn’t really know the setting of the game and it could be set anywhere - Europe, Asia, even a completely fabricated world where an ancient civilization rose and fell and these guys are following in their footsteps. So I guess this could work…

Or am I over-thinking this, and should I just think of the relics as a game mechanic?

This, but very much a pseudo-Europe from the architecture style.

Did they confirm or deny this is in the GrimDawniverse?

It has been really hard to not fire this up. Must wait for 1.0…

I’ve never seen anything that directly ties them together. Although I could see the new relics having at least some wink wink type references. I do think it’s a shame as I think it would give this game a little extra flavor and let them flesh out the pre-GD universe a bit.

Looking forward to playing this at or near release!

Right now, we expect the playtest to begin towards the middle/end of February with the official v0.9.2 release in March.

1.0 confirmed by end of the year.

Haven’t played since it first released in EA. Will be interested to check out 1.0 and see how different the game feels!

Late summer through late fall is going to be super busy for these types of games.