Favorite Final Fantasy

I was playing Final Fantasy 12 the other night (and asking all of you how long it typically takes)…but decided to go back and beat 10 first. I am sure it takes a similar amount of time.

Of the entire series, what is everyone’s favorite (if you like the games) and why?

Ummm…12. But if you mean before 12, I would say 6, though 5 is right there too, mainly for the job system. If, however, you are counting Final Fantasy Tactics, that trumps all of them because it is my favorite console game of all time.

  1. Easily.

FFX, though mainly because it’s the only one I’ve actually played to completion. I have FFXII, and Advance versions of FFIV and FFVI, but they’re still in the backlog pile.

I liked the grid sphere and the combat, and didn’t think the story was that bad.

I liked 9. Vivi was cool.

12 fo sure.

Five Five Five.

6, confirmed upon replaying it on GBA. The only possible answer, IMO.

The one with Terra and Kefka.

That’s number three for us Americans. Also my favorite. “What…the fuck… did I just destroy the world?”

Erik J.

EDIT: This is also the only game I can remember paying a premium price for. Something like 60 bucks I thought.

12 or 6 here as well.

I thought FF3/6j was like $75 or $80 for the SNES cart when it first came out, but maybe I’m confusing it with Chrono Trigger.

I’m gonna be weird and say IX.

  1. First RPG I ever finished.
  1. Kefka and the Ghost Train FTW.

I’m going to have to say FF6, because I played that game to death. Shitload of characters to use, lots of espers to equip, and dual wielding Illumina swords ftw.

A first runner up would be FF7, only because of the wow-factor of 3d graphics and cut scenes. I played the hell out of it during college. It kept me sane.

Not an FF game, but it’s an honorable mention. Chrono Trigger. It’s second only to FF6 in terms of how much I played it (hell, I probably enjoyed it more). Found every secret, every item, every tech ability, completed every ending, etc. Loved that game to death. Must have played my “+” game through at least a few dozen times or so (the first go around). Everything about that game is awesome.

FFIV over here. Yeah, even with the Zeromus thing.

I honestly think that Chrono Trigger is the best JRPG ever made.

I’m going to cheat…

I really liked how 5 implemented the job system, but I enjoyed the characters and small stories from 6 the best. Gau and Cyan’s stories choked me up as a kid, and Kefka is the best FF villian ever.

God, that’s hard. I can give you my top three, but it’s hard to say what order.

Final Fantasy IV: The first RPG I played with a really detailed plot. This is colored somewhat because I was like… 12 at the time? But man that game blew me away. I’ve been replaying it on the GBA for the past year and it’s still fun.

Final Fantasy VI: I can’t say anything that hasn’t already been said about this game.

Final Fantasy IX: after the sucky sci-fi bullshit of VII and VIII this game was an awesome return to its roots. I also think Zidane is just the most likable of the Final Fantasy protagonists. It also had more “awesome” moments than any other FF I can remember - from Vivi opening up a can on Black Waltz III to Bahamut destroying the tree to Alexander fighting off Bahamut… it was honestly amazing from one end to the other.

6, SIX, VI