Favorite Vendor?

So, if you were going to buy a barebones system, where would you buy it from?

I’m thinking about finally buying a new system, so I’m open to any and all tips.

Newegg or TCWO. Both have served me well for years.

Newegg or MWave.

Nice thing about MWave is you can get them to assemble the components you purchase and test them. Saves you the “oh crap, which part isn’t working?” freakout when you power up the system and nothing happens.

I use newegg and TCWO. Never had problems.

More votes for Newegg and mwave. Never had a problem with either of them.

I had a buddy use Mwave and they didn’t have the parts into assemble the system so he cancelled it a week or so later. When he tried ordering off of newegg he found an empty bank account because Mwave never refunded him his money.

That is a single case though.

I Ilike directron.com in addition to newegg and tcwo.

I had a pretty bad problem with newegg initially, and their customer service wasnt overly helpful. Then I posted on resellerratings.com about my bad experience and they contacted me about making it right if i would change what i said about them. I ended up getting about $80 in discounts so all was well in the end. A little annoying that I had to bitch more publicly to get results though.

My second experience with them, just ordering a cd-rw, went very smoothly.