Fear the Walking Dead (AMC)


I know have hopes that she joins up with the “bad boat that goes in and out of the radar” and guns down our hapless crew.


I am finally caught up and this is pretty much where I am at also. I only care about the one daughter who was on the 100. Because I liked her character on that show. On here she is nothing special, I just cannot fathom why she didn’t want to stay on the 100 where she had a huge role. :(

Also hasn’t quite a lot of time passed since the outbreak? Were planes still flying? I mean that dude on the plane who was still alive must have been there at least a week.


I left it long ago.


I got lucky. Being in the hospital with little to do but stare at the ceiling or channel-flip, I watched the last episode 3 times. Lev. 2 Masochist achieved!


Holy crap - man, you have endurance that the rest of us can only dream of. I hope you rolled well on your 1d12, because you deserve every HP coming your way.


Thanks, but I lied. It also gave me the opportunity to learn enough of Twilight Struggle for the AI ti kick my ass.


Well, this last episode was positively Shakespearean

brush up on your Shakespeare

It is a tale. Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, Signifying nothing.

Have there ever been 6 words sweeter than “Only 3 episodes left this season”?


I liked finding out that alpha male Strand is gay. That’s a cool reveal. We didn’t know that before, did we? Otherwise, more dumb moves, dumb plot developments, dumb dialogue, all so two of them can get kidnapped by generic bad guys. Really, who needs zombies at this point?

Also, am I missing something about why it’s taking so long to get to Mexico? I can get to Mexico with a half day’s drive. And that’s if there’s traffic! If they’re going to Mexico from Los Angeles, why aren’t they there yet? Keep the coast on your left, push the throttle forward, and – bam! – you’re in Mexico.


P.S. Welcome back from the hospital, tgb!


Thank you, Tom.

Also, am I missing something about why it’s taking so long to get to Mexico? I can get to Mexico with a half day’s drive. And that’s if there’s traffic! If they’re going to Mexico from Los Angeles, why aren’t they there yet? Keep the coast on your left, push the throttle forward, and – bam! – you’re in Mexico.

Do you have any idea how tough it is to pilot a boat over a wall?



I binge-watched season 1 a couple of weekends ago but I can’t bring myself to watch season 2. I’m reading along here for the thrill of watching the trainwreck though. So please keep waching and keep up the witty comments!


The latest episode reached new lows. The long back story on Strand was very boring. I had no interest in that. The zombies are at least a bit more interesting.


I especially love the “You’re not getting into Mexico without Strand” line. The knowledge that Mexico is pretty big with a very large Pacific coast is pretty common knowledge, right? Now to be fair, the show is going to lose me without Strand as he’s one of the only characters I remotely have any interest in. So perhaps that was a breaking-the-fourth-wall moment, and that I as a viewer wouldn’t make it to Mexico without Strand? I’ll go with that.


I took it to mean that Mexico had closed the borders. But whatever, show.


In the previous episode, George (suicidal family man) told them the Mexicans had sealed the border. Also, note that Mexican Jason Bourne says he only has enough money to get two people into Mexico, implying that bribes will be needed.


I suppose it’s possible that the Mexican government is in much better shape that the U.S. - if ever there’s a place that would be the start of a zombie apocalypse, it would have to be America. Otherwise, good luck enforcing that.


There is really no reason for a show with this production budget to be so stupid. Right now I’m only continuing to watch it for the occasional good survival scene, like Nick’s arrival on shore/exploration of the camp/use of camouflage. The premise that people would suddenly be in organized raider gangs a few days after a zombie outbreak is just silly and stupid.

As is the idea of that Mexico could block fleeing hordes, even if the country had managed to avoid a direct outbreak so far. Tom, in case you didn’t realize it, the scene at the beginning with helicopters patrolling the sea wall was supposed to indicate that the Mexicans were patrolling the border and preventing anyone from crossing, because apparently they maintain sufficient resources for 24 hour, seamless, border security, loool.

I don’t think it’s entirely clear that Strand is gay, by the way. He may just be an opportunistic huckster taking advantage of the fact that Dougray Scott is gay. But probably not, as that would be more interesting.

The cast desperately needs a culling, quickly. Everyone other than Strand, Nick and Ruben Blades is just awful.


Luis is my new favorite character. He is Mexican Daryl. In fact, a TWD show that was the adventures of Daryl and Luis would be far better than either show currently airing. In between bouts of zombie and raider gang slaughter the two could argue over which is better, a shiny new Porsche or a fully restored classic Mustang. It would be like a badass zombie apocalypse Odd Couple.

The Mexico thing has to be a red herring. If that camp where Nick came ashore was supposed to be close to the border, then where did everyone go? I didn’t look like the place had been shot up by helicopters/planes or overrun by the army, it just looked abandoned. Despite the helicopter overhead I can’t believe Mexico would be able to successfully close and defend it’s borders when the entire American Southwest was turning…and then since the virus is in everyone, when people in Mexico started dying of natural causes or violence, they would turn as well and Mexico would be just as screwed as the U.S…


We just watched Talking Dead, and on it Colman Domingo (Strand) said this is about 10 days into the ZA. So all I can say is What. The. Fuck.?


Gah, that’s who that was. Of course! I knew I recognized him, and I kept thinking, “Man, Jeroen Krabbe sure is holding up well”.

Yeah, I like your huckster idea. But my guess is that it’s AMC trying so hard to be really progressive. Ross Marquand’s character in Walking Dead is gay, but I don’t really see them doing anything with that fact. Or the character, either. I was really hoping we would get scenes of him and Daryl on scavenging runs and the issue would come up. Wasn’t Daryl initially a hardcore racist? Or was that just Michael Rooker as his brother? Man, that was so long ago…


No wai. You have got to be kidding me. Ten days? As in “less than two weeks”? So stupid.



In the off chance that someone here has never seen in, Romero does in 10 minutes what this stupid show fails to do in a season and a half.

NSFW, obviously