Fedex Fraudulent Email

Got this email appearing to be from Fed Ex, and yes, I was expecting a package from Fed Ex (which is so common it’s why these type of scams work, I guess). I clicked the tracking link without thinking, something I have never done before. That was yesterday, I don’t remember where the link took me, probably to a fake tracking page. This afternoon, no package at the door… then I thought, holy crap. Came back to check the email and it is very easy to tell it’s fake.

The link is
[Tracking # 30574795217785](http://testing dot technocrack dot

I googled but cannot find anything about that url, or this scam. My question is: how can I check and ensure I am not compromised? I run McAfee Live Safe, hoping that does its job but no way to verify. What do you suggest?

Where is the package? Did they change the the destination?

Yeah, is that a real tracking number for you, or did they just make up a random # and hope you wouldn’t notice?

Only one way to be sure - need to reboot your machine from a CD or USB loaded OS, then run an external virus scanner looking for boot sector, driver level, and other nasty malware. Anything run from your machines OS is now suspect.

A number of companies offer bootdisk loaded anti-virus scanners, just choose your most trusted vendor and go.

Doesn’t matter, the entire email is fake.

Righto, thanks. Going to set up a bootable Win10 USB, I assume I should boot from it then install the anti-virus scanner program, then run it? Run the scanner from the hard drive or the boot USB? I’m guessing I can install the scanner as usual on the hd but run it from the boot usb…?

There are all in one images that have a linux distro/bootdisk and the AV software combined. Burn it to a disk or load on a USB.

Ok, thanks, Daniel, I will have to look for videos that explain that in more detail.

I’d run malwarebytes and dump mcaffee. Malwarebytes is very good at what it does. I hate mcaffee software with a passion, just like norton/Symantec. Too many support issues with them over the years.

Thanks, Jeff, I bought the one PC license and will run it.