FF2 vs FF4 vs

Ok, I’m almost done with FF1 from the FF1 & 2 GBA collection. Recommendations for my next GBA RPG? I just picked up FF4, but I have FF2 still unplayed on the cart. I also have Riviera and the new Mario & Luigi game so there’s no shortage of good GBA RPGs to go around, just looking for recommendations on which of them might be the best…

I am guessing you have played the great ones?

Fire Emblem 1 + 2
Tactics Ogre

If not start there. If so I have heard great things about FF4 but I have not had a chance to play it just yet ( have to wait for it as an xmas present ).

Golden Sun?
Shining Force GBA?

I am a Camelot fan. I enjoy games from the Sonic Software Planning/Camelot/Climax teams. I did not like Shining Soul so much.


Yeah, I played the first Golden Sun (though not the second).

Tactics Ogre didn’t do it for me. FFTA was fun, but I found the pace a bit slow compared to the classic original FFT. Both Fire Emblem games are decent and while I haven’t finished them I played a good chunk of each. Really though, all of those games are not really RPGs in the classic sense.

Second Golden Sun is better than the first. A little text heavy, I know, so you may want to buy the cartridge and play it on an emulator with the throttle cranked up, that’s what I do with Gameboy Advance games. Either way, get the code for completing Golden Sun and put it in Golden Sun 2, you don’t have to do it at the beginning, you will have chances later.

There’s a ton more hidden items, special classes, and powers. At some point it can seem like you have too many powers to solve the puzzles, but for the most part, the only time where you’d have to wrack your brain or try them all are the puzzles that guard bonus stuff.

I cannot overstate the benefits of Castlevania games at triple speed, except to say, it is like playing FFTA at quintuple speed.

FF vs. the 3rd Reich.

Wow, on the GB? Slick EMU you have there.

I know I’d like to see Final Fantasy versus the Third Reich

That would be FF3 American, my good sir.