Fiero Follies

I love my little car, but these people scare me:
[ul][li]4x4 Fiero: Nothing says off-road like a two-seater.
[li]Compressed Lamborghini Fiero: Honey, I shrunk the front of my car!
[li]Flaming Fiero: The paint job is one thing, but the rear scoop completely kills it.
[*]I wish I was a 'vette Fiero: At what point does it become cheaper to buy the real thing?[/ul]

What are you, a chick?

I thought this was going to be like Flight Sim Follies. Those were the days!


No need to frown, Derek, I agree with you. The Fiero is a cute little car, but those modifications are a bit…wonky…

The Fiero was a thrown together in hurry without adequate cooling POS. Sorry, the truth hurts.

And here I was thinking it was a thread about candy.

(Don’t worry Derek, I like your car… :) … it’s like a Mazda had sex with a honda or something)

Bah. Show me another twenty year old sporty little two-seater that you can find in the $800 range will no outside body rust that I can drive around north east ohio in with a CD of the best of the 80’s singing along to Mr. Roboto in my little car where it’s always 1984 and then maybe I’ll be convinced not to like my car.