File sharing grief

I used Kaaza Lite K++ for a long time and was pretty happy with it. But when I went to upgrade it I discovered it is no longer supported.

So I did a bit of searching online and found a lot of slings and arrows thrown at Kaaaza, and it appears that network is dying in favor of others. The favorite new program/client appeared to be Shaaraza - so I downloaded it, read all the forum posts on how to set it up and optimize it, etc. However, in spite of following all of these directions it seems SO much slower that Kaaza - a file will start to transfer, show 100 sources, but then end up as pending or active but with no downloading activity for a long time. Files seem to just end up in the transfer queue forever, with little to sporadic activity, while I can go get the same file in Kaaza lite (if I can find it) in much, much less time.

The dilemna - I can find more in Shaaraza than Kaaza Lite, but I can’t seem to get it downloaded in any reasonable time.

Does anyone have a recommendation for a client with the direct speed of Kaaaza Lite and good file availability and support? Primarily looking at music videos, music clips, demos, ebooks, patches, etc.

Arrrr, matey! Usenet, I whisper…

Yeah, just harder to search for specific files. (FWIW - not a software pirate. I suppose I could be considered a music pirate although my primary use is to find songs and artists to try out and then I buy the CDs of the ones I like.)

Dude, it doesn’t matter to me… I consider music downloads no different than recording songs right off the radio on cassettes. (Anybody remember cassette tapes?)

PowerGrab - Searches newsgroups and shows you the complete files available to download. Free
SBNews - Robot that just grabs everything. Shareware.

Together, the best buddies a MAME and e-book fiend could have. :D

WinMX? WinMX.

That’s still around? I tried WinMX years ago, but wasn’t impressed. Has it improved?