File Transfer Program

Can anyone recommend something for transferring files without setting up a server or a group network? Normally I’d just use Live Messenger or Skype, but they don’t support resume and these files are pretty big (around 100MB).

Something simple would be great.

It’s kinda weird that I haven’t had a need for such an application in years.


Thanks, I’ll take a look. I was hoping for a simplier program, but this looks like it should do the trick.

Do you happen to know if you can use it to sync stuff between folders (or drives) on a single PC? Or if there’s something else that would do that?

Have you tried Live Mesh? It’s in beta, but I’ve had good luck with large file sizes so far.

syncback freeware for syncing folders.

MSN doesn’t support resume? Even AIM supports resume. What kind of archaic world are we living in?!?!