Firefox changing the case of a typed in username, WTF?

Has anyone else run into this? It’s a pain in the ass. Now I can’t log into my non-gmail webmail because Firefox insists on changing the initial letter of the username to upper case, no matter what I’ve typed in the box, and it’s case-sensitive so it doesn’t take. I tried to tell it to clear history and everything, and the cache, and cookies, and nothing has worked. Just started doing this with version 3.5.3. I was happily using 3.0.x and I just upgraded.

I suppose I can still log in using Internet Explorer, but WTF?

Doesn’t sound right. It’s probably remembering a saved username & password still. What happens if you start with a fresh new profile?

From Mozilla support…

Make sure that you do not have saved upper- and lowercase versions of that name and password.
You can check that here: Tools > Options > Security: Passwords: “Saved Passwords” > “Show Passwords”

Thanks for the replies- yeah, suddenly this is a problem where it wasn’t before. The thing is, my username is the same for my gmail and for my “regular” email at my ISP. That used to be an ordinary SMTP that required a client like Thunderbird, etc. but they were getting way too much spam, so to control it they hired out their email services to gmail. Unfortunately the browser now considers the two email addresses identical in the stored passwords screen, even though you have to email me at [email protected] vs [email protected] to reach the two different addresses.

Before upgrading to 3.5.x, I guess I never thought about the fact that the address had a profile associated with it that let me sign into google with an uppercase name. Firefox never had a problem with this before, so I hope they fix this soon.

This is always an issue with gmail and any Google Apps email addresses. The browser’s cache data is based on the form id of the form you use to login or enter data and the hostname of the url that the form posts to and these are the same for all google mail services (the form id is always gaia_universallogin and they all post to for login regardless of what domain your email is being hosted on).

I’ve never run into an uppercase/lowercase issue specifically but every browser (Firefox, IE, etc) does wonky cache things when I switch from my personal google email to my work email because both are gmail backend. Both email addresses begin with the letter g, so when I start typing in my email address for login my browser cache will assume I want whatever the last saved login was, regardless of which domain I’m logging into, because it is keying based on the form id and post action, not the domain of the page I visited to login.

Not really a big deal, IMO. I wish it didn’t happen, but it is a small price to pay for awesome free web mail.

Very irritating, it’s happened to me a few times.