First they conquer MMOs... and now... boobs!

This has little to do with boobs or much of anything really… but I thought this was too funny to not share:

the NCSoft headline cracks me up… someone needs to rethink where the headlines get cut off.

In case it changes…

Sweet. That’s a good way to expand a worldwide MMO presence too!
heh heh

Is that anything like one of those fiendish “Chinese Puzzle Boxes” that my parents tortured me with as a child? If so, I’m doomed… I’ll never see boobs again.


Boobs were already too easy to access. If they’re going to just open them, it removes any type of challenge at all. NCsoft is obviously catering to the population of whiners who couldn’t open a bra to save their hidden stash of pornography.

Clearly we’re going to need to do more research on this.

steps forward I volunteer!

I bet the Chinese will move to block access by using their wirewall. The undercup kind.