Flog your Blog

I’m looking for some more links to the blogs of Q23. So far I know about:



and of course www.quartertothree.com

So flog it! I want to see not only the gaming blogs but the boring day to day blogs too. Maybe if I get enough I’ll start a Q23 trackback blog myself which links to the best blog and forum posts for people who are too busy to read everything posted here. How meta would that be?

I’m thinking of starting my own blog, or being a part of someone else’s (depending on the subject - e.g. if it’s about games) . It’d be a fun thing to do.

Does it count if it’s not really updated much and is a bit rubbish? If so, throw mine on there, http://www.tinypirate.com



I promise to update more once my final exams are over (soon).

Indeed. Digital Luddite, updated quarterly.


I’m attempting to update it frequently!


I hope so: http://plan.thewoottons.com


Hardly updated because I have a job and not much of a life (yet).

Just started today:


Yay, Microsoft! Finally, Zune in Canada!

My music ramblings:

Here’s mine:


And I actually update it 2-3 times a week! Since September of 2003!

Here’s mine on game design and the industry: http://chronicgamedesigner.blogspot.com

I update it whenever another idea for an entry comes to mind.

Like Sol and a lot of people, I’m thinking of starting my own blog, but I wouldn’t post about it unless it was both a done deal and immediately relevant.

I’d like to experiment with podcasting in the mid-future. I’m a pretty good extemporaneous speaker.


Contains a great deal of complaining.


Warning - contains naked pics of my mame cabinet in-progress, and a trip to Luna City arcade.

I guess mine doesn’t count, since I only posted on it twice and it doesn’t exist anymore ;_;

My blog is just like me, empty. Wooo!