Florida joins growing list of states attacking Planned Parenthood

Florida says Planned Parenthood is out, and women should go to their friendly neighborhood school nurse or prison doctor for womanly… things. They did this by, go figure, establishing rules that make clinics where abortions happen basically not be reasonably obtainable. Following in the footsteps of so many other states now.

Oh, and Skeletor did sign the thing, it’s law now.

The federal government is not so happy.

Governor Scott went to a Starbucks and got an earful.

An earful is about the gentlest thing that fuckwit deserves. . .


Depends on what he’s getting an earful of.

The santorum is pungent this time of year, is all I’m saying.

This “defunding” PP thing is a lot harder that just passing a law. Courts don’t tend to look kindly on selectively defunding a particular provider that the state disfavors.

Hilariously, the Rick Scott campaign decided to release a hit video on the woman who yelled at him.

Yes, really.


One of the first things that I realized when I moved here was how much of a scumbag Scott is.


It’s like since he looks like a stereotypical Bond villian, he might as well try (not very well) to be one.

I’ve never heard of a politician attacking a private citizen in an attack ad before. That’s so bizarre.

She’s not exactly a private citizen. She is a previously elected official who staged the original attack on the governor.

I mean, I’m not defending Rick Scott, as he seems kind of a dick, but it’s silly to pretend like the original video was just some random occurrence.

Ah I see. Ok, it doesn’t seem as weird then.

It’s still pretty strange, it’s not like most people know who she is. Not to mention most politicians don’t really react to these kinds of things. Let’s be honest they happen fairly often and the general reaction is to rise above it and not give it any sort of merit. Maybe Scott is trying the Trump Method. It’s evidently really effective.