Foley's replacement embroiled in a sex scandal

For the love of God. What the hell is wrong with these people?

Rep. Tim Mahoney (D-Fla.) has paid a former mistress more than $120,000 in hush money, according to ABC News.

The report, which cites Mahoney staffers who have been briefed on the settlement, says a former aide, Patricia Allen, was threatening to sue Mahoney after their affair ended.

Two years ago the freshman Democrat replaced disgraced Rep. Mark Foley (R-Fla.), who was forced to leave his seat thanks to a sex scandal of his own, that one involving House pages.


They should probably begin to resist being lobbied by the Viagra caucus.

I’ve seen the pics of her. I would probably pay $120,000 for people to not know I actually fooled around with that.

Seriously though I hate the politicians that try to hush it up. Just admit you were wrong and move on. If you don’t get reelected then hey … perhaps you should learn to not fool around at work eh?

What would she have sued him for?

I normally wouldn’t chime in on a comment like that, but I have to admit when I saw the picture my first thought was this:

Whoa malph that was some freaky stuff. Actually I was referring to just a single face shot they posted here…

Yeah, that’s the one. She just reminded me of “Carol”.

Unlike a Republican sex scandal, this one is boring old boy/girl sex. At least the Republicans get crystal meth, “masseuses,” and/or young pages. The Democrats could learn a thing or two.

i always thought the republicans had a more primitive form of sex scandal. the democratic ny governor was using the internet to pick the women of his choice. meanwhile, that republican in the public bathroom was reduced to tapping out signals with his foot.

I just don’t understand how men (at least it’s been men so far) can go to such great lengths for sex that would jeopardize at least their livelihood if not their freedom.

I thought the guy who had illegal sex with the hooker was the Attorney General for New York? That makes no sense at all. A senator having to plead guilty to a misdemeanor so he wouldn’t be put in jail for tapping his foot in a bathroom? And it crosses party lines. It doesn’t however cross gender lines. Wonder why?

This guy is crazy too. I guess he doesn’t bother to read the headlines that seem to happen nearly every month or something?

Great points … all of them. According to this guy in an old article, it’s due to the nature of men and sex and how they focus on it. All the more reason to have females in the congress and senate, and eventually a President as well. That being said, I respectfully hope that Sarah Palin is NOT that woman.

But she’s pretty, spunky and mavericky!



Not like that, you pervert.

Sexual harassment. She worked for him.

Don’t you understand men at all? For many men, a great many men, sex is, quite simply, the point of it all. Onassis said it best:

After listening to the tape, I’m not entirely sure there’s anything here. It’s a not-entirely-friendly “You’re fired!” call. She pretty obviously tries to bait him into saying something incriminatory, but he just keeps repeating the reason he’s firing her. There’s no record of any payment. The job she was supposed to be getting in payment hasn’t materialized. The woman’s lawyer is the same one who represented Foley. And no one with any actual knowledge is saying jack. The congressman sounds like an ass, but who wouldn’t when you’re trying to fire someone for cause and they keep arguing with you?