Folks in Wyoming/Idaho!

Have a favor to ask.

My girlfriend and I are traveling to Park Citry for a wedding the weekend of August 19-20. Since the eclipse is on Monday and is slated to travel through the Jackson Hole area on the 21st around 11am or so, I thought it’d be a perfect opportunity to come up and see it and introduce my girlfriend to beautiful Wyoming. With “eclipse rate specials” going on however nothing is affordable within 3 hours drive (Evanson being closest I’ve been able to see, even on Monday night after the eclipse).

So the favor is… anyone available to let us stay for a night (Sunday) or two that’s the in area? Preferably in the Jackson-Idaho Springs corridor. We can pay you for lodging or pick up a dinner for you, etc.

— Alan

Evanston: Wyoming’s Barstow

yeah yeah. I’ve stayed there before :) And Rock Springs.

— Alan

Hey, don’t be harshin’ on the Springs! Tree City, ya know. The only place I have in Wyoming now (used to have a place in JAC but crap that was too expensive) is in beautiful CYS, and if you’re in that area you’re always welcome and I can leave a key out for you…but looks like you won’t be! Blast!

Will you be passing by RKS at all? I’ve had 1st bid time off for the eclipse since late last year, so I’ll be hiking Dinwoody Glacier in the WRR and exiting to watch the eclipse near Dubois during that time, but like you, staying anywhere near the eclipse was not an option. (~70 miles of backpacking if it works out right)

PS-Evanston is rather wretched. One of my FAA buddies on the maintainer side got slotted there…poor schmuck.

Ah thanks I really appreciate it, yeah Cheyenne is way out of the way unfortunately. We may end up AirBnBing up past Gardiner instead. Don’t have all the plans laid out but it’s kind of looking that way, which probably means a bit more time in Yellowstone and a little less in Grand Teton but at least we’ll see both.

But initially for the Sunday night stay yeah maybe Green River instead of Evanston.

— Alan