For anyone who played Shogun Warlord Edition

I just re-installed and I’m getting a messed up control error. If I tell my units to go anywhere, they’ll go like 6 screens below and one screen to the left of where I clicked.

I can’t find any evidence of the error anywhere else either. Patches don’t work… I dunno, this is idiotic :(

I had the exact same error with Medieval Total War, and since that uses the same engine it might be the same bug. In my case it turned out to be a 3D driver issue (GF4-Ti4200, 30.xx drivers). Apparently the card was not displaying what the game thought was on screen, and so my on-screen clicks had no relation to what I was seeing on the screen, I resolved the issue by going into my special nvidia driver properties thingy and explicitly disabling anti-aliasing. Not sure why that worked, but it did.