For Those That Don't Mind Deal Threads -- GameFly's Blowout

This was posted deep in another thread, but I thought it was worth a mention. GameFly’s having its end of the year sale. Lots of great prices that make me feel like a fool for having paid more for games that I’ve not got around to playing yet.

Examples (with 10% member discount):
Prey (360) $18
Lego Star Wars 2 (360) $31.50
Saints Row (360) $30
Black (Xbox) $9
X-Men Legends 2 (Xbox) $9
Yakuza (PS2) $18
Daxter (PSP) $18
Valkyrie Profile Lenneth (PSP) $22.50
Odama (GC) $13.50
Chibi-Robo (GC) $11.69
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon (DS) $18
Dragon Quest Rocket Slime (DS) $18
Star Fox Command (DS) $12.59

I have nothing useful to add to this thread except that I am saddened that nothing like gamefly exists in Canuckistan. Also: Odama is not worth $13.50. If it was $0.50, then it may be worth it.

Has Gamefly added more service centers yet? Last I remembered, it took 'em over a week to send out a game.

No and yes. Despite that, I find them worth my while.

Awesome. I had $5 in coupons that were about to expire, so I just picked up NFS:MW for $13. I had played it when it first came out on the original xbox, but didn’t buy it because the 360 was about to come out. Then it sorta fell off my radar :)

Wouldnt most of those be about as cheap using Google Checkout at And netting you new copies to boot.



Sorry, didnt mean to be sour. I’m a cheap game junkie, follow CAG, hardforum, fatwallet, and a few others, and I have been blown away by the deal. Nothing else can touch it really for just about any sub $75 item.

Does the Google checkout deal work multiple times, or only the first time you use it?

I was just about to really lay into you until I realized that I hadn’t had my morning coffee yet, and therefore confused ‘Odama’ with ‘Okami’. -_-

It works multiple times.

But it ends today

My willpower broke. I just went and had a look at, and ended up ordering the 37" Westinghouse LCD. They’ve got it for $999, with a $100 rebate it goes down to $899 minus $20 from Google checkout. This took it beneath my threshold ($1000). I’ve been hitting slickdeals and others, watching for deals, but wasn’t listed there.

Target has a bunch of games for cheap this week. Specifically, within the next few days I’m guessing…

Gears of War, Zelda, Marvel Ultimate Alliance, and others are only 40 bucks.

Might as well get Gears for those who were skeptical before. My friend is actually picking it up tomorrow.

Might want to hit Target up today. My wife went to one Target this morning looking for Ultimate Alliance and they were already sold out. I was able to snag one of the last two copies at another Target over lunch thankfully. With the number of people out today with giftcards and/or returns, I don’t imagine they will keep that stuff in stock for long.

In that case… OKAMI SUX!!!1111!!11one