For Wumpus - a twitch MMOG

Endless Ages, a MMOG shooter, is gold.

Could be good. What was Verant before EQ?

A clown college.

You should warn people before posting stuff like that.

(wipes coke off table)

Erm. They can’t even figure out how to present text on their website as anything other than crappy prerendered graphics. How retarded is that? I have a hard time believing any kind of competent game can come from these guys.

Wait, maybe they’re just French. Now I have to throw my carefully considered analysis out the window.

If there’s a pent up demand for twitch gameplay in an MMOG setting, they should at least get an initial rush of subscribers. WWII Online sold well at first, I’m guessing, due to demand for that kind of MMOG. It certainly didn’t sell because the game was great.

Anyway, I’m still dubious that shooter MMOGs can do the kind of numbers that RPG MMOGs do. If this game can get 50,000 subscribers, I’ll be quite impressed.

I’d be astounded. I hadn’t heard of it before your post, and I follow MMORPG stuff fairly zealously. On marketing alone I think they’re in trouble.

Yeah, it shows how little interest there is in all but a handful of upcoming MMOGs. There are so many in development most of us fans have become blase about them.