"Force of Nature" will get trump's seal of approval

Reviews for this travesty should be very interesting. Grab your popcorn!

The description of the movie disgusts me enough that I refuse to watch the trailer.

Kate Bosworth needs to fire her agent.

Yea I was surprised and very disappointed to see she’s apart of this.

Kinda sounds like someone saw Philbert on Bojack Horseman and said, “Yeah, let’s make that!

Never heard of her, but I noticed that in close-ups her eyes are different colors.

It’s the sign of the Devil. Mel Gibson is making Satanic movies.

I thought we were talking about that Ben Affleck movie.

Edit: Ehhhhh I just watched the trailer, seems harmless. Kind of like a shitty “the raid.” Didn’t see what was overtly racist about it other than a hispanic antagonist from the trailer.

It’s sort of surreal that Glover and Gibson had amazing chemistry in all their movies together, yet they are about as diametrically opposed on the politics scale as you can get.

Gibson kept it under wraps until his chronic alcoholism splayed it all out for people to see.