Formal Impeachment Inquiry of Trump Begins

Or scared. Either scared of losing their job/elected office or scared of their social circle’s response.

There’s an old lawyer maxim that goes:

If the facts are against you, pound on the law.

If the law is against you, pound on the facts.

If the facts and the law are against you, pound on the table.

That letter from the White House is classic “pounding on the table”.

The meaning of this maxim is that when a lawyer pounds the table, in a fit of righteous hubris, etc. that means they have no fucking case. The law sucks for them, the facts suck for them, they are left with screaming and waving their arms. That letter from the WH fits the bill. It’s so bad it’s hilarious, and anyone with any legal training or knowledge looks at it and instead of finding it persuasive, actively finds it undercuts the argument. I mean, they are lawyers for the White House, and that’s all they got? A bunch of “No U!!!” type crap?

I actually felt a ray of hope when I read that letter. I consider the letter a sign of two significant things: 1)Trump’s team really is out of meritorious legal and factual defenses, he’s got nothin’; and 2)it’s just a sign of strain: from a legal POV it shows the WH beginning to crack IMO.

Also, if you combine that with the DOJ making arguments today on release of the Mueller report that led the federal Judge to comment “Wow, OK” (which in the non-legal world is equivalent to an epic eyeroll or “Haha Wut?”), it really seems like the Trump legal brain trust is out of assets.

Wait … is this because Gowdy is now working for Trump and hence has a conflict of interest? (In which case, why is Hannity still on?) Or is this because Gowdy refused to work for Dear Leader? Did we ever get an definitive answer to yesterday’s Schrodinger’s Gowdy question?

“been terminated” is an odd phrasing if he left because of a conflict of interest.

He was terminated because of his extreme prejudice.

Can we terminate some of these clowns WITH extreme prejudice?

BRB, calling Nick.


This would be a whole lot more convincing if we hadn’t already seen a procession of prominent Republicans, including Romney, making bold declarations about standing up to Trump in 2016 … and then immediately caving.

Fox poll.

What will matter now is state level polling. If e.g. McConnell’s seat is safe, the national polls mean nothing to him. Same for every other GOP Senator.

Because that poll looks more fun in FOX branded graphics:

But if Trump is impeached it may hurt Ralph’s book sales…

Some context on that Fox poll:

The Fox polling folks are pretty proud of their independence from editorial meddling, and willingness to go where the numbers take them. But yeah.

Also this:

The 27% that think it’s less corrupt need a forehead tattoo so that we can see them coming.

They already have one

It’s gratifying that a bare majority of the country has their head on straight, but the fact that 45% of the country thinks Trump and Co. are less than or equally corrupt as previous admins should still be concerning.

LOL. Gowdy finally found his level.

I very much look forward to the portion of Gowdy’s career whence DJT shits on his face.

Under the rock with Trump.