Forspoken - Fantasy Control

Uh. So it looks as uneven as when they showed it 5 months ago.

It certainly doesn’t show off well. Maybe it’s really fun to play? I don’t know.

A random example that popped into my head that someone brought up recently. I forgot the name, but there was a game where a lady gets on a dragon and flies around. And then she gets off the dragon and has some adventures on foot too. It got okay reviews, it was in the days of the early 3D shooters. But man, I just loved that game. I just remember having a blast with it.

Drakan. It was pretty awesome :)

Yes! That’s the one. I just looked it up, it got a sequel for PS2. That rings a distant bell too. I believe I rented that and didn’t enjoy it. But yeah, I loved the original Drakan.

hur, Hhn, huh, Hhhhn, hnggg, nggghh - I HATE those kind of sound effects that comes with every single thing a female does in these kind of games. Its rarely there when its male protagonists, and I think its some weird asian kink where people love to hear woman voicing something close to a moan.

Uh… Exhibit A your honor.