Forspoken - Fantasy Control

Being written by Amy Henning and former QT3er Garry Whitta.

Those semi-platforming scenes kind of remind me of Prince of Persia, but the distances you’re traversing in each jump and wall run are so huge, I would think it wouldn’t really work very intuitively like it does in Prince of Persia games, since you can’t even see where you’re jumping to.

The gliding / jumping & fighting reminds me of the PS Spider-Man game, which was pretty good! So keeping this game on my radar.

Loved this trailer. Also on PC! Definitely keeping an eye on this.

Awww when I read the title I had hoped that “Fantasy Control” referred to “Fantastical Star Control

Rough as hell. The brown world looks like a ps3-era game, the framerate falls to well below 30 fps in combat, the quips seems annoying.

The magic looks cool, though.

I don’t get the connection to Control.

More like an open-world YA game. I would lean Stardust.

Magic looks cool, indeed. The traversal part reminds me of Prototype for some reason. I really enjoyed that one, warts and all.

Someone doesn’t remember what PS3 games look like!

Yup, that looks incredibly bland

They were brown damn it!

This doesn’t actually look like a PS3 game, but I get where you’re coming from. It’s incredibly desaturated and flat looking. From a tech standpoint it looks more PS4 gen than PS5, but it seems to me it’s really an awful art design that’s making it look bad.

Yes, I thought it was pretty obvious what they meant. Not that the geometry or texture detail was literally PS3 era, but the overall look was brown, bland, and with generally limited draw distances.

In the Game Awards thread I commented

And seems like maybe I was right as Square did approach Sanderson for something.

Got to keep up with that mighty PS5 somehow.

Whoa, first $70 title I’ve seen on Steam.

Some of this looks pretty ropey IMO but the loading time stuff is interesting. Around 1:54.

Came across this tech talk too. Have not watched yet.

Direct Storage support seems to be the only real “new” thing on there and based on how wonderful loading is on the PS5 it is actually technology that will have a real impact if it’s close to that performance.

Ok spell effects but not much else?