Fortnite - A New Game by Epic

Yep. I consider this a problem. It sanitizes pretty extreme violence, and the cruelty of shooting somebody struggling to be revived (essentially dying in front of you) actually shocks me, despite years of violent video games. I’d be much happier if they were shooting paintballs in this game.

That Buffalo attacked him, it was all in self defence.

Intermittent reinforcement. There is quite a lot of study and writing on the subject, starting with B.F. Skinner, who was one of more noted behaviorists. Short version, intermittent rewards are more powerful than any other system, including always getting a reward. All of these treadmill games are based on the premise.

Singling out Fornite is indeed a bit silly, given that every game since Diablo that had any kind of loot system has employed this hook.


@Rod_Humble any thoughts?

Good thing unions can only bargain for wages and nothing else. Otherwise, that statement would be crazy!

He is generally right imho.

I have never had a desire nor seen a need for a union for me. But I recognize that there are many different types of careers in games. So I guess if game developers ever unionize then it would be multiple unions, not just one?

He frames the issue well. As anyone who is trying to recruit good games developers in 2019 will tell you, right now the power is with the talent, not the companies. In those circumstances I dont see how a union helps.

Its also worth noting that while the recent layoff headlines rightly make the news, any glut of talent is centered around certain disciplines but core fields remain extremely understaffed.

For example a senior engineer with games experience competent in C++, can walk into just about any games company they like.

I should note that a lot of the layoffs you have seen recently are also a reflection of the changing market eg: mobile is being hit hard with increasing UA costs and a customer hostile business model which, unsurprisingly, gamers from casual to core increasingly resent.

Its also the fact that games development is changing. You just dont need a lot of people to make a hit game anymore. This has a knock on effect for supporting disciplines, if you have a team of twenty then you dont need as many managers or production staff as you do with a team of 80, or 100.

Players are moving on to other games or buying less cosmetics it seems…

Question for you fortnite gamers. My son wants me to buy save the world. I know nothing about fortnite other than I didn’t care for it. Do I need to be the deluxe version or is the basic version fine. Are the extras in that 39.99 version available through game play or in an in-game shop?

Q: If I purchase a lower-tier Founder’s Pack, can I upgrade to a higher tier later?

A: Yes, Founder’s Pack upgrades will be available at an adjusted price for players who have already purchased a lower tier. Upgrade options will only be available through the in-game store.

So basically, you can buy the cheaper one and earn stuff. If you decide you need to pay more, you’ll pay an adjusted price.

I think they have said Save the World will be free to play someday too, but it hasn’t happened yet.

Thanks. So far I can’t get it to even work. Fortnite plays all the game types work except save the world which says network error.

I don’t play fortnite anymore, but follow the news because is social influence.

They did a ingame event yesterday, heres a cinematic view a player did of it:

That was incredible.

How do these sort of things work? Did this just happen in the middle of a game? does the engine freeze players when this sort of thing is happening, or could they actually join in the fight? Does it happen repeatedly during the day of that event, or just once at a specific time, on all servers the game is being played on at the time?

In the events I have experienced, it happens at the same time on all instances of the game. Weapons are not disabled, so is out to people to ruin other people fun. Did not had that problem, but others did.
The best thing with these things, other than the event itself, is that it change the map, creating “map storytelling”.

It just happens while you’re playing. It’s pretty amazing tbh because you get your player perspective of it and that’s it. When they did the first one, I was in the middle of a match and had no idea what was about to happen (the rocket launch) other than the timer on the TVs was about to run out. It made me stop and look. Fortunately I survived the firefight I was in previous to it.

Here’s the video…

Anything interesting happening to fortnite PvE land? Aka save the world? Or it that just pretty much abandoned in terms of new development?

Save the world might be going F2P on August 1st.

Epic “We haven’t announced anything regarding timing for a F2P release.”

in the same article.

Maybe people have curiosity to “what top-level play BR looks like”

And that’s why I dislike the game. The high-level play just looks like incomprehensible garbage to me. I can watch something like Battlefield, Call of Duty, PUBG, Doom, UT, etc and it all tracks. I may never be able to do what those guys do, but it all makes sense. Fortnite, at the pro level, is all about building. It doesn’t excite me.