Fortnite - A New Game by Epic


So I’m doing the questionnaire … and well I have no clue if I’m done with it or not. It just doesn’t seem very clear.
It seems there are still tutorial like things after the first storm shield mission. As people said here - the whole first “zone” is like an extended tutorial.


I think it was like this since release, but the game’s UI didn’t tell you obviously.


I just posted a solution for the problem of lack of tier 1 resources in tier 2 zones. Basically if tier 2 resources could be used in place of tier 1, then this problem would go away. Currently I am having great trouble getting rusty parts. I have plenty of the basic parts.

I am not sure of the mechanic that governs this. I even went to a low level zone and beat down many cars and got more basic parts than rusty parts.


I just did a level 19 mission and what i noticed is that even as a constructor, a rank 2 stone wall in Base effect dies almost instantly against more than a couple non special enemies. So i felt forced to use rank 3 walls which take a lot of resources, especially since this was a mission where i have to defend against 3 directions.

I really hope later on there are passives which increase the resources you gain because the resource grind is getting worse.

I also got a legendary shotgun defender but had no luck with him. I gave him the same gun i use, which is the automatic drum shotgun (bear i think?). This gun does insane damage and is what i use to kill big enemies. I guess it is too short range though for it to be effective on a defender. Not that it helped when enemies broke through a wall and instantly killed him. I think i will stick with my lower grade riflemen and gunslingers.


Gold llama tonight, I am pleased with the 90 minutes I played. :D


This game is so much more fun in the second zone. You have to really build effectively and work as a team to succeed on the harder missions.

Having played a lot more, I think the optimal weapons might be

  • Super Shredder sniper shotgun (very rare, but amazing)
  • Deathwing rapid fire sniper rifle

confirmed here as well:

The problem with any rapid fire guns is you burn through ammo at an astonishing rate, plus the associated wear level since you degrade the weapon every time you fire.

I have the Tiny Instrument of Death, and I kinda hated it, but these guys say it’s one of the better weapons. It does use energy though which is nice, but super slow rocket fire makes it hard to use for me.

@Telefrog you’re on crack with your comment that the weapons don’t feel good in this game. So much variety, and each weapon plays so differently, and feels fuckin’ great to use, too.


I was surprised by that as well, I thought it was an area that Fortnite does very well.

I’m in complete agreement re: Plankerton. That’s really where things start clicking, because your actions start mattering.


I humbly suggest using the Qt3 discord server for any group chat stuff as needed.

All the channels are usually empty.


What are those red skull encampments for / like on missions? I have never seen a group mess with them. I have never gotten too close.


Without having played the game, I’d think the obvious way to do this would be to require some of the new thingy you are going to ended for crafting in order to actually make the upgrade. So, if you’d never seen malachite, you couldn’t screw yourself, because you’d need one to do it. And in any game, needing a resource you’ve never seen is a big red flag, both as a warning, and as a call to look out for that thing.


They should also let you craft lower tiers of items. So you made you upgraded your weapon to silver, but you don’t have any. You can still craft the copper type.


In practice I haven’t really found that to be an issue. If you’re in an area that drops a lot of silver (Plankerton instead of Stonewood, for example) you’re not going to be wanting to craft copper weapons anyway. Just use a blue or a green schematic.

E: I should say, use a blue or green schematic that doesn’t require that ingredient.

E2: Nevermind. Looking through my schematics right now, seems like they’ve made it so most of your weapons are going to require it. It used to be only the higher end stuff that did, although they did make copper/silver a lot more common (especially with Expeditions). So yeah I think you’re right, DeepT, allowing you to make a copper one in a pinch would be useful. I know I would usually refrain from evolving all my schematics when moving into an new area in the alpha, but it could be a new player trap.


I don’t know how to describe it. They just don’t feel satisfying to me. When I play something like Battlefield 1, Titanfall 2, or heck even something like the latest CoD, firing a weapon puts me very much in the moment. Not so with Fortnite. I just feel disconnected.

I will agree that the second area is were the game properly starts.


On some weapons, there is an attribute which changes the damage type to something like water. It then says more effective against fire, but less effective against nature…

Are there elemental enemies in this game? I have not run into any.


There are. They show up later.


Feel free to add me: mobius42

Still in the first zone taking my time.


Do you recommend elemental weapons or just to avoid the ability or does it really matter?


I didn’t have a ton of experience fighting against them. In the alpha they didn’t show up until the third region, and they did their routine character wipe shortly after I got there. They seem to have moved up monster introductions in the EA release, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re in Plankerton now.

From my limited experience, elemental weapons seemed REALLY nice to have against elemental enemies. You’d probably want to have a couple (a water and a fire or something like that), but I only have an impression to offer, not real solid advice. :)


Any general advice for not sucking on combat? Early on, I was a consistent top scorer. Then I started lagging behind. Now its like everyone has 1.5x my score most of the time. I level up and evolve my weapons. I have my survivors slotted, although leveling up only provides a very small boost in stats.

Maybe I just am missing something about how combat score works. I just finished a mission, had platinum everything. Took on a whole front (side) of monster. Killed shit-tons of stuff. My score was like 960. The next lowest was like 1500 and the top 2 were over 2000 each.


Is this in Plankerton? It very well just might be that they have more base power.